2013 Letters

* Sent in to the editor or, in some cases, addressed to the indiidual writer who wrote the feature

December 11

Many thanks to you all at The Connection and especially to Kathy Fallert, for the wonderful article in the December issue on the upcoming Winter Solstice program on December 21 in Elk Ridge Park.  Your very comprehensive piece provided the public with great background for the program, as well as giving the Castle Pines Arts & Cultural Foundation some needed exposure.  Please pass on our congratulations to your writer, Kathy Fallert.

Chao, Vicky Kellen,
Castle Pines Arts & Cultural Foundation


Hi Terri and Lisa,

Cindy and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote on our company, Your Task Masters.  It was well written and expressed exactly what our company does and why we do it.   The timing was perfect.  As a new business, your article will be so helpful in getting our name and services out to new clients.   Thank you so much!   We look forward to seeing you in Castle Pines.  Call us if you ever need help.  

Nancy Carroll
Cindy Hazlehurst


Dear Terri and Kathy,

Thank you for the fabulous Solstice Event coverage in the current Castle Pines Connection.  The photo and article are wonderful.  

We are excited about offering this special event to the community and greatly appreciate your support.

Special regards,

JoAnn Wolff
Castle Pines Art and Cultural Foundation


Dear Terri Wiebold@ Castle Pines Connection,

What a success!  On behalf of Stars 4 Douglas County and our young artists, I want to extend a heartful thank you for your commitment and contribution to making this event so successful.  This will provide support to so many vital art programs and young artists in our Douglas County area.  Please know how much we truly appreciate you!

Sincerely,  Julie Holliday & Stars 4 Douglas County


Dear Lisa!

Thank you for the wonderful full page article on our DTC Tilted Kilt.
I realize what that is worth in advertising dollars (and more so since it was not an ad) and we very much appreciate the gesture!
Cheers, Lisa Voss



I really am unable to thank you enough for all you have done to raise awareness for homeless children in Denver and for our Urban Nights event. As I mentioned, after the first feature article The Connection ran on our event, Cheryl and I could have sat at the bar at the Club and sold out the event. People we have never met came to us to inquire about tickets to attend the event. More importantly, what they could do for Urban Peak and the youth they serve.”

Gary Joseph


Julie Montoya,

I just received and read the article you did on the ministry I serve at in Denver. I want to thank you so much for your kind and accurate description of what we are trying to do at Christ Body. Also, the photos you chose to use were exactly the perfect fit for our message. If you get a chance, stop by the ministry and I will give you a tour. Your new friend, Dick Leensvaart

September 25, 2013


We want to thank you for posting our event Healthy Marriage Seminar event in your September 2013 Castle Pines Connection calendar. Our event reached our maximum registration of 50 couples. You helped us to reach and make a huge positive impact in the marriages and families.

Many blessings!
Moe & Paige Becnel
Marriage Ministry Pastors,

The Rock Church, Castle Rock, CO


September 21, 2013

Sent in response to the community e-mail reminder the Conenction sent out about the chamber's Octoberfest event and the city's fireworks follwoing the event:

We are opposed to spending money on fireworks. What a waste. Surely we could be doing good with that money for others suffering at this time. What a disturbance to our community.

Norma Lewis

Ms Lewis,

Thank you for contacting The Castle Pines Connection newspaper regarding your concerns about the city's fireworks display. I certainly understand your concerns and your opposition.

While The Castle Pines Connection does not have anything to do with the event, it is my understanding that these fireworks are left over from the city's Independence Day celebration two years ago when the fire bans prohibited the city from setting them off (although they had already paid for them). Then this July 4th, the ban was removed but there were wildfires burning throughout the state, so the city opted not to have a fireworks display at that time. The Chamber's Octoberfest event seemed as safe a time as any, I suppose, to shoot off the fireworks.

I have passed along your concerns to the city manager at the city so that the city council can be made aware of your concerns as well. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this further.

Again, thanks for your feedback and participation,



Hi Liz,

Thank you so much for writing the story [9Family Health Fair in September issue]! Castle Pines Connection and its staff is a treasure to the community. I look forward to reading it on the first of every month.

My best,
Patricia Fiske
Rotary Club of Castle Pines

August 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

While browsing through the Castle Pines Connection this week, I took a look at the picture of I25 on page 6. While the short story may have some relevance, the manipulated photo showing the deer in the fake grass compromises the veracity of the article.

You can do better than that.


Shannon L. Dreyfuss

Ms Dreyfuss,

Thank you for taking the time to write in with your comments. I am disappointed to hear that the picture included with the story, "I-25 and Castle Rock named on CDOT's list of high-risk areas" in the recent August issue of The Castle Pines Connection caused you to question the accuracy of the story. The photo was meant as a playful attention grabber and was in no way intended to be taken as a serious photograph (http://www.castlepinesconnection.com/pages/news/2013/qtr3/cpc2/high-risk.html).

In the future, I will ensure photos which have been altered in such a way will be noted as such, so as not to cause confusion or compromise reliability. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention,


July 20, 2013

Dear Mrs. Shanahan,

We'd like to thank you for the wonderful article you wrote and photographed about the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Community Safety Volunteers," ...

You really captured the heart of the program and of the man who started it, Walt Wohlgemuth.  The writing was excellent and you told a great story.

It is nice to have such a great talent like yours right here in our county!

Thanks again,

Deborah Sherman, Public Information Officer


July 19, 2013

Thank you very much for your coverage of our workshop on rainwater harvesting. It was a huge success, the speakers were extremely informative and shared some very interesting stories, but is only the start of our effort. I did some polling on how the attendees became aware of our event and several cited your article specifically! I thought your article was excellent in capturing the key elements of our workshop.

Thanks again!

Bill Vanderpoel
Douglas County Conservation District

July 11, 2013

I just had a nice conversation with the principal at Cherry Hills Christian School. He mentioned that he saw our ad in your paper. I think I'm quoting him pretty accurately: "Of all of the local papers, this is the one to put something in. It's the most highly read and highly respected local paper in the metro area. I always read it cover to cover." He said more, I just can't quote it very well.

I'm sure you hear this all of the time. Just wanted to pass it along.

Heather Dunn, All Saints Ministries

July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th Terri and Lisa,
We just wanted to give you an update on the results of your wonderful article in the Connection’s June issue.

We received inquires from excellent potential candidates for the CPACF positions and would never have reached those people without your help. We hope to interview within a week or so and will be relieved to welcome two new members to our board.

The joint venture with Cherokee Ranch is going well. From our base of 150 tickets for our September 20th event, only 19 remain to be sold. You have insured the success of our first major arts program for the community.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

Chao, Vicky Kellen


July i, 2013


DC Dolphins and myself would like to thank you very much for an exceptional article in this month’s Castle Pines Connection. We have already received great feedback and couldn’t thank you enough for picking the article up. It’s some exciting times at DC Dolphins and we appreciate your providing us the opportunity to share the news. We will keep you posted on all our exciting news.

We look forward to working with you again in the future and look forward to crossing paths with you and your family during DC Dolphins Volleyball events.

Have a great 4th of July!

Keith Kemph


June 26, 2013

I apologize for not sending you a "thank you" sooner. I had been watching for a shredding event that might be within a 10 mile radius of Castle Pines.  Your event was perfect.  It was quick with very short car lines; the folks were very helpful (even offered a donut); and I was successful in shredding my old stuff. You made it easy.

I hope you do this next year and future years. I will be there.


Jim Miers
Castle Pines

June 22, 2013

Got To Give Cred For the Shred...........Thanks to Allstate and The Connection for hosting the 1st ANNUAL shred-a-thon. It was a rip. Loved seeing all that paper disappear into the big truck knowing it was going to be recycled. Felt so good, I may go plant a tree right now.

Regards, Pizza Joe


June 19, 2013

Thanks Terri,

We truly appreciate everything you do. You are such a professional. Thank you so much for all of your efforts to support Rotary and our wonderful community.

Elaine Love, president
Rotary Club of Castle Pines

June 4, 2013

Hi Lisa,
I received [several] emails just this morning from ladies who would like me to add their names to the Womenade distribution list thanks to your article. Thank You for this article.  It was very nicely written and has already has helped spread the word!

Best regards,
Pam Levien

June 2, 2013

Hi Elean,

name is Rolinda and I am Tori's mother.  Just wanted to tell you that we loved the article you wrote. Thank you. I wanted to secure a few newspapers before I emailed you, just in case I ran into problems, but such was not the case.

Thanks again,
Rolinda Glenn

P.S. We had a graduation party today for Tori, and we put your article out for people to enjoy. They loved it!


May 31, 2013

Hi Amy,
You are a keen listener and wrote the story about me in just the way I would have written it! Thank you so very much.  Hope we get a chance to meet … and soon!

Patricia Fiske
Rotary Club of Castle Pines

May 13, 2013

Dear Terri,
I received a very nice letter from you in late April in response to a concern I expressed on your recent subscription survey. The issue was concerning the strong odor of the newsprint for your publication. Your letter addressed the issue and assured me that a solution was in the works. You also included a DazBog gift card, which was most unexpected and generous.

It was so good of you to take time to send a personal letter. I have noticed the ink odor is not as strong as it has been. It sounds as though I was not the only one to raise this issue-always a plus!

Thank-you again for your kind response.

Warm regards,

Suzanne Kruger

May 4, 2013

Good Morning on this Beautiful, Sunny, Glorious Saturday Morning!

I just read your most recent The Castle Pines Connection, and I see that you have written many of the great stories/articles. When I sent in my voluntary subscription card a number of months ago regarding your publication, I decided to pay for my subscription versus receiving it free, as this is the publication which I truly read cover to cover. Great local and surrounding area articles ... love them, love them.

Warm regards,
Joan Fessler

Castle Pines Village resident

May 3, 2013

Hi Kathy,
Love the Sean story you had written. Over $8,000 was raised for that family since the article was out [four days ago!!!] Amazing!!! Thanks so much for doing it!! You are amazing too!!!!
Nancy Meisner


May 2, 2013

Thank you very much for running the article about St. Bon’s in the Castle Pines Connection [May issue]. It was a great article and I think it really portrayed my vision.
Hope to see you again soon in the café.

Kurt Fulwider,

St. Bon's Cafe


May 1, 2013

... Okay, was the[May] paper fat this time or what? It was so nice to see all the community events going on highlighted, many thanks to you.  From Girls on the Run, Coors Field baseball photo, After Prom, Prom, RCHS Tech team award and more.  Plus, I found this issue so interesting. Love Mr. and Miss Marg - Anejo [tequila] is my fav.  The teen entrepreneurship program- [my daughter] Amber is all over it.  Can't want to hop on the Castle Rock tour bus.  Want to take in Firefly Autism Art event.  I have a friend who is going to love Star Trek event. Local Castle Pines accountant...finally!! Gotta hire the quilt lady, have been stacking up T-shirts of Ambers for years for this reason. Great grad gift for her. Gluten free fare so close...sweet. Oh, and my neighbor George got a national recognition. Would have never known without the paper.

Please spread my undying gratitude to the CPC team!!

And thanks for sharing your talent with the world!!!

Love- Michelle


April 24, 2013

Hi there,

Can you please tell me if the "Neighbors to Know" section is a paid advertisement? How do you choose who you feature?

Thank you!

Melissa M. Anderson
Mowatt Financial Inc.


Thanks for your inquiry regarding the "Neighbors to Know" section of The Castle Pines Connection community newspaper. Like most of the other sections in the paper, the Neighbors to Know section does feature some paid advertising. The Castle Pines Connection is committed to never going above a 50 percent ratio of ads to content. In fact, most issues fall closer to the ratio of 60 percent content and 40 percent ads. As you are probably aware, the paid advertisers are who fund the paper - there are no other outside revenue subsidies.

The content and stories for the Neighbors to Know section, however, are not paid for. The selection criteria is based on a monthly dialogue my writers and I have regarding what we think would be of interest to our readers. Some story ideas are sent in to us from our readers and neighbors, and some are brought forward by the writers. The majority of the stories are features about local families who allow us to tell their stories. They all have a connection to the Castle Pines community.

I hope this answers your question and provides a little more insight. Please feel free to call me personally at 303-918-3676 with any additional questions you may have.

If you have a story idea you would like to submit for the Neighbors to Know section, please e-mail the idea along with your contact information to editor@castlepinesconnection.com.

Thanks you for your continued interest,



April 11, 2013

I am moving to Castle Pines North soon and I am curious as to why there is no Senior activity center in CPN and if one is in the planning stages any time soon.

Bayard Breeding

Thank you for your inquiry Mr. Breeding. The Castle Pines community has a very vibrant and active senior population who participate in a variety of activities and programs throughout Douglas County. The City of Castle Pines is a relatively new city and does not have the recreational amenities that a more established city may have, although a recent survey within the city has demonstrated that a recreation center is of great interest and a high priority for residents.

I have copied Deputy City Clerk Diane Spomer on this correspondence, and perhaps she can provide additional information regarding plans for the city. I have copied Carla Kenny from the Castle Pines Chamber as well. Carla is a graduate of Leadership Douglas County and she may be able to provide you with resources for seniors as well.

I welcome you to check out The Castle Pines Connection website to learn more about the Castle Pines community and I hope you will e-mail me once you have moved and we can get together for a cup of coffee and discuss further.  Thanks for your interest.

Terri Wiebold, editor


March 25, 2013

The following question was included in the comments section of the voluntary subscription requests sent out to the community regarding the paper:  "I thought part of the Master's dues paid for this paper?"

Sandy O'Dell


Thank you for taking the time to send in your voluntary subscription form for The Castle Pines Connection community newspaper. I am working my way through the thousands of replies and I came across your question.

The answer to your question is simply no. The Castle Pines Connection is COMPLETELY funded through local advertising dollars (and now some voluntary subscriptions). It receives no subsidy from any of the entities in Castle Pines (city, metro, master, Douglas County, etc). It is a private business.

TheCastle Pines North Master Association used to publish a very similar version of the paper, but when the city incorporated five years ago, the Master Association board decided to discontinue allocating funding to the paper. It was simply going to go away. As a former independent contractor for the Master Association, I decided to revive the paper and try to make a go of it as a private business. Thanks to the many loyal advertisers in the community, and the amazing staff of writers and contractors who joined me, we were able to get up and running without many hitches.

The paper has grown and changed in many ways, the most important being the inclusion of the neighboring communities of Castle Pines Village and some of the unincorporated areas of Douglas County bordering the city.  Residents there shop at the same grocery stores; their kids attend the same schools; they are equally impacted by local developement; It seemed a natural fit that they all be included in the Castle Pines community story. 

I hope this helps to clarify. Please feel free to call me personally with any additional questions. Thank you for your interest and for your continued support.




March 7, 2013

To the entire Castle Pines Connection staff,

We can’t thank you enough for coming in last nigth to volunteer your time with the Rocky Mountain PBS phone pledge drive.  Your group was amazing! We hope they all enjoyed themselvs. The kids could not have been better; they were engaged in all the activities,and Candace enjoyed working with them.

Drum Roll Please…

During your time on the phones, The Castle Pines Connection team brought in [funding] to help maintain and continue the programming at Rocky Mountain PBS.  It is because of volunteers like you and your staff that we [Roky Mountain PBS] exist.

You guys are all awesome!

Donna Holtzman,

Rocky Mountain PBS


March 3, 2013

Dear Terri,

Thank you for your positive review of [my book], "Open For Business." I am glad you enjoyed the book and hope many others will benefit from it as well. It is currently available at Tattered Cover Bookstores as well as other local Denver area bookstores.

The book has recently been added for sale on amazon.com. Infact, I would very much appreciate it if you would add your review to amazon. You don't need to purchase the book from them. Just go to the amazon.com website, and type in " Open for Business the handbook of practical advice for beginning entrepreneurs".

Thank you again for your consideration, and the referral to Douglas County's local author forum. Blessings for your continued success with the Castle Pines Connection.

Best Regards,

Gary Lockhart,

Mr. Lockhart,

Thank you for your continued interest in The Castle Pines Connection and your words of praise, even after moving out of the community. We do have several loyal readers from the Sedalia area, and I am pleased you are one of them.

I apologize for the delay in getting back with you regarding your book, Open for Business. I enjoyed reading it, and your passion for what you do is clearly evident. I only wish I had read it prior to establishing The Castle Pines Connection, although I guess good business principles and practices are timeless, at any stage of a business ...

I have added my comments to Amazon - good luck with everything! Terri


February 8, 2013

Terri and Kathy,

Great article in The Castle Pines Connection. Thank you very much for doing this for the Cat Care Society Cats. Really appreciate it!

Kyle Herbertson



February 5, 2013 (via voice mail)

Mrs. Wiebold,

My name is Renee Posey andI am a Castle Pines resident.  I just wanted to tell you that for the past couple of years I've been here (almost exactly 2 years, since January 2011), I have really enjoyed your newspaper.  It has the wonderful local news that you want to hear about, it's got some state-wide news, it's professionally done, and it's just a lot of fun to read!  I just want to let you know that I really appreciate all the hard work you all are doing.  Thank you!



February 4, 2013

Mrs. Wiebold,

I just wanted to say "thank you!" for mentioning our Castle Pines apparel in the Castle Pines Connection. I didn't realize that anyone besides the city staff knew about the apparel, and I was very pleasantly suprised to see the mention in the paper!

Thanks again,
Jim Herald
Store Manager
Walgreens Castle Pines

Thank you for your correspondence Mr. Herald. It was our pleasure to promote City of Castle Pines apparel sales at the Walgreens store in Castle Pines in our February issue of The Castle Pines Connection. We hope you experience an increase in sales as a result. Castle Pines is an amazing place, and its residents are proud to show it!


February 1, 2013

Dear Editor,

I enjoy reading your paper but there is something about it that really smells bad. I don't know whether it is the ink or the paper itself, but the Connection has a definite odor that is almost overwhelming as you read it. I could even smell it when I carried the mail into the house today. What in the world is causing it? It has been this way for quite a while, not just an oddity now and then. My hands even smell like tar or creosote or something after reading the paper and I have to wash them.

I can't believe I am the only one who notices this. Is there something you can do about this? It is a great distraction from your otherwise well done paper.

Chris Holroyd
Castle Rock



Thank you for taking the time to send along your feedback regarding the odor of the ink used on the paper of The Castle Pines Connection. We switched printers a few months ago, and you are not the only reader who has noticed a change in the smell.

I have forwarded your/our comments along to the printer in hopes that something can be done about this. 

Thank you for your continued interest and support!



January 25, 2013

Do you have a date for the 2013 Garage Sale in CPN? Thank you.  Jennifer Kendall

Jennifer,  The Castle Pines community garage sale is usually held the second or third week of May.    It is sponsored by the Castle Pines North Master Association, and I am not sure if they have the date set yet this year.   Please contact Kim McGuire from Premier Property Management (kim@premierpropmgmt.com) for specifics. Hope this helps, Terri

2/6/13 Update:  The Castle Pines community garage sale is scheduled for May 17-18 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


January 21, 2013

I live in Castle Pines North and saw [your recent e-mail blast] about the fire in the Oak Hills neighborhood. It seems like we might have another dry/hot summer again, and how does a resident get contacted if they are at work?  I know there is the reverse 911 to our home phones.
Just curious. David


I just heard back from the Sheriff's Office PIO Ron Hanavan, and he advises that you should go to dcsheriff.net  and sign all your electronic devices, including your cell phone, up under code red http://www.dcsheriff.net/emergency-mass-notification-system/.  I hope this helps.  Terri

That is perfect!!   Thanks for taking time out to respond to me.   Have a wonderful day! David

January 16, 2013

Dear Terri Wiebold,

Wehave lived in the Surrey Ridge division of Castle rock for fourteen years.  We have since relocated to Sedalia, but continue to enjoy your publication, The Castle Pines Conenction.  We pick it up at Cstle Pines Community Church, where we are members...

Best Regards,

Gary G. Lockhart


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