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November 12, 2012


I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know that we really appreciated the article on Men for the Cure. We at Three Peaks Capital Management here in Castle Rock really were excited to be a part of the evening and appreciate The Castle Pines Connection covering the event.

Three Peaks is owned by Sandy Rufenacht, a Castle Pines resident. He moved the firm to Castle Rock back in 2008 and has built a very successful company right down the street from his house. Please let me know if any one from your publication would be interested in writing a profile of our company. I'm sure Sandy would be happy to do an interview and show one of your reporters around.

Thank you again,

Nora Seibert-Dispense
Three Peaks Capital


Thank you for your feedback and for your sponsorship of this amazing event!  The Castle Pines Connection was honored to be invited and we we equally pleased to share the event with the Castle Pines community.

We often do "Neighbors to Know" features on our local residents, and I will visit with my staff about featuring Mr. Rufenacht in an upcoming issue of the paper.

Thank you for your interest and participation,

Terri Wiebold, editor



November 2, 2012

Why does this old stuff come up to confuse people? [referring to election information he "searched" on The Castle Pines Connection website]. I think u can do better then this!!

Don Geo



I apologize if this information was confusing. All our stories from years past are archived and are searchable. For current information, either go to "Current News" or go to the "Search" function and do a search on vote 2012 and you’ll get the latest information. Here is a link for you to go directly to the Douglas County website with ALL voter information; quick and easy: Hope this helps!

Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to help clarify. Best of luck in voting!

Terri Wiebold, editor



October 24, 2012

I just wanted to bring light into a possible Halloween story, my parents/family have lived in Castle Pines since 1992, and my mother works at Buffalo Ridge Elementary and has since the school opened.  Every Halloween since I can remember, my father has dressed up himself and decorated our driveway and scared kids while passing out candy and my mom has enjoyed seeing her students come by the house.

This year may be the last year for the event, which is a family affair now that my brother and I are both wed, and everyone plays a role. Our garage has become a small walk-thru haunted experience. It is always a big hit, from babies to teens, everyone gets a kick, especially the students and families of my moms Kindie class and neighbors. I have always hoped somehow it could be documented and maybe it'd be a fun local story.

Thanks for your time!

Halee Belcher


Thank you for sharing this story with us!  Although the November issue of The Castle Pines Connection has already gone to press, we will be happy to cover it for the upcoming December issue.  We hope this will serve a the documentation and recognition you had hoped for ... it is certainly a fun story and one we are thrilled to be sharing with our readers.

Terri Wiebold, editor



October 17, 2012


Hi Terri,

You may remember me from the Penley planning commission vote. You took a picture of me ... Anyway;

I was curious if you were going to have a article about the latest attempt from the Penley developers to bring in MT Carbon Water District to circumvent the Douglas County Process. When the Penley Developers pulled their application after being unanimously rejected by the planning commission they solicited Mt Carbon to do their dirty work of pushing this thing thru. There are entities on the Mt Carbon board that are the original players of the Penley application. In fact ,this new formed partnership actually meets at the Penley office. So how can they call this a public situation?

Aren’t there legal issues for a new so-called public partnership to have players vested in the property to be sold who are only interested in their own prophet? Penley developers have found a way to go around the DC commissioners by utilizing this MT Carbon partnership. They can now use the “Location and Extent” process provided to water districts. So they do not need permission from DC to build 2 dams for storage.

The hearing was last night. All the planning commissioners voted against the LAN. One commissioner said Mt Carbon was abusing their power given to them by the state. This has to be a major concern for the state and there should be consequences for the districts actions. We were told by the MT Carbon presenters that they really didn’t need the planning commissions OK to per sue this matter. They will simply have a vote with their own board members and continue the process with the state. But remember, some folks on the board have a connection with Penley. So how can this be fair. We have a case of developers voting on their own project with the states backing. And these developers have already shown their lack of concern for all the things that are wrong with the project including the lives of DC citizens.

Somebody has to bring this to the public’s attention. Please look into this further and help us get this info to the public. Thanks Terri.

Mike Newton

Mr. Newton,

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention again. The Castle Pines Connection and its readers are very interested in the future of renewable water in Douglas County.

The Castle Pines Connection is a small community newspaper and, as such, we try to focus on issues of direct impact to Castle Pines residents. The fact that the Planning Commission voted against the LAN means no further action will be taken at this time that may impact our residents. I will leave the politics behind it all to "mainstream media."

I appreciate your communication with me and invite you to continue to send updates as you see fit, keeping in mind the goal of The Castle Pines Connection (in terms of Penley) is to inform our readers of changes/impacts to the community's water future.

Best of luck,

Terri Wiebold, editor



October 2, 2012 (via voice mail)


I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome coverage of the OctoberFest in the paper; I can't believe it made the front page.  I appreciate the story on the solar [powering of the event] ... everything!  So thank you - I appreciate you more than you know!

Carla Kenny,

Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce vice president


October 2, 2012

Amy [Shanahan],

The ad looks great and thanks for the great article. We have already had several calls ...
We are really pleased. Thank you!!!

Toni and Michelle,
Four Seasons Marketplace, LLC


September 24, 2012


Thanks for taking time to talk to me on Saturday at [the Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce] Oktoberfest. I hope you enjoy the book. Also your paper's story on the book helped a great deal. THANK YOU!


Jude Randazzo, Castle Pines Village resident


September 7, 2012

I am interested in receiving the ads for babysitter services. Is there any way you can forward the information to me?

Jennifer Stevens

Thank you! Now that kind of service/response rocks!



July 22, 2012


I'd appreciate you investigating the foreclosure process and responsibility in maintaining properties including
lawn maintenance ... the owner has done nothing to maintain the appearance of the property.

The hoa says they've written letters and all they can do is assess fines.  I find it hard to believe that a neighborhood or city would not be able to take some action to
remedy this situation.

Tom Allee

Mr.  Allee,

As you and I discussed, the information available is limited and varies from circumstance to circumstance. We have reported on your concerns in the October issue of The Castle Pines Connection, in hopes of educating other homeowners and readers with similar concerns.  We understand your frustration and wish you the best of luck in reaching a resolution to your issues. 

Thank you for taking the time to write in and for your participation in the paper.

Terri Wiebold, editor



July 2, 2012

Elean [Gersack],

Just wanted to let you know that the article [about the new medical facility coming to Castle Pines in the July issue of The Castle Pines Connection] was fantastic. It was so well-written and so accurately conveyed what we wanted to tell Castle Pines about the project.

Juan's rendering [of the proposed building] looked great as well! We can't thank you enough for taking the time to write this piece.

Dr. Stephanie Scheich,

Castle Pines Family Dentistry

July 3, 2012

Terri, I have enjoyed your paper as a resident of Castle Pines, but am writing to express my concern and disgust over the picture you posted in the last issue with the children and their dead deer "prize". I do not think that picture was either appropriate or necessary for a family paper.

I realize that there are differing opinions on hunting, but irrespective of that, I doubt most people want to open their newspaper and find a picture of a dead animal prominently displayed. It was simply in poor taste and offensive.

If I want to see dead animals in all their "glory" I will subscribe to Field and Stream (given the big write up on Cabelas as well, I thought perhaps I had) or the National Enquirer. Please consider the sensitivities of your readers when posting such photos.

Carmen Farrell

Forest Park


July 2, 2012

Dear Editor and Staff,

We were very displeased to see the photo of the kids who hunted and killed a deer on one of the pages of your last edition. One would think that you'd like to offer more positive and inspired articles for your readers to peruse. It was a testament to the direction this society is heading, I suppose, to encourage young children to inflict harm on animals and get a "photo opp" to boot. With the article and its hidden implication that this "sport" is manly, thus a justified pastime, I guess we'll be seeing more of this in future pages of your paper.


Marisa Sadlo-Cuenin
Castle Pines


July 1, 2012

Hi, just wanted to comment on the photo of the kids who shot the deer, on page 32 of the July issue [of The Castle Pines Connection]. I understand that some people enjoy this pastime, but I think most people who live in the Castle Pines area are more interested in preserving nature than gunning it down.

Ruth Sims
Castle Rock

Ms. Sims, (and later Ms. Sadlo-Cuenin)

While I did contemplate whether or not to include the featured photo with the information provided by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, I decided it was an appropriate addition to the story.  The photo was submitted by one of our readers and it depicts her son participating in an activity supported by many in Colorado and the Castle Pines community as well. 

I appreciate the participation of all our readers in sharing story ideas, photographs and opinions, and I thank you for taking the time to share yours with us.

Terri Wiebold, editor


July 1, 2012

Liz [Wood-West],

I have just finished reading the Ducky Derby article in the July issue of The Castle Pines Connection. Outstanding!

This is a very good article that gives the Ducky Derby exposure and publicity for future years. And, there is the nicely worded explanation of the charities to be supported.  Well done.

And, thank you for the care and focus you gave to the Ducky Derby. It was first class coverage.

Judson Mitchell,

Castle Rock Rotary



June 6, 2012

I can't pull up the June edition on the Internet and I miss you.  How am I supposed to stay up to date?

Sally Norris, resident



Thank you for your inquiry. It is nice to know readers are going to the website monthly and that you actually miss us!

My webmaster (and right-hand man for all things technical) has been very ill. I am trying to work with someone else to get the information posted on tour website, but have had no success just yet.

Hopefully, things will be back on track shortly! Thanks for your patience and your continued interest in The Castle Pines Connection.

Terri Wiebold, editor


May 16, 2012


Thank you for providing a valuable tool to our community, The Castle Pines Connection. Each month I look forward to the interesting articles, relative advertising, and insight as to the "happenings" in our neighborhoods.

Most recently, I was following the story related to the lawsuit filed by The City of Castle Pines against the Castle Pines Metro District. I did see where the City decided to withdraw the lawsuit; however, I have not seen any information as to the cost associated with the lawsuit for both the City and Metro District (same tax base footing the bill for both sides of the lawsuit). Are you able to provide a follow-up story detailing the cost for each entity and what benefits residents received for these expenditures?

Mark Massey
Castle Pines Resident


Mr. Massey,

Thank your or your e-mail inquiry and also for the time you spent with me on the phone discussing this issue. Per your suggestion, I have included the "final tally" of the dissolution petition between the City of Castle Pines and the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District in our coverage of the issue.

There is a great deal of information about the dissolution issue on The Castle Pines Conenction website that was not included in the newspaper itself.  If you are interested in reading more about it, go to the home page of this website ( and type the word "dissolution" into the "Search" toolbar.  All of the financial information related to the dissolution, including updated FINAL tally numbers, is included in an article dated 2/1/11 written by Linda Nuzum titled, "Why are we suing ourselves?"  There is a link at the bottom of that story titled “City of Castle Pines taxpayers funding both sides of City - Metro District legal action” where the updated information has been included.

I appreciate your interest in the paper and especially your taking the time to write in and offer feedback.

Thanks for your continued interest and support,

Terri Wiebold, editor



May 14, 2012


I am happy to inform you that [advertising in] The Castle Pines Connection has been the best marketing tool for Tru-Blue Construction all year! I am very pleased with the customer service, and the calls we have received.


Lynn Pender


Thank you for your e-mail.  I was also pleased to receive your husband's call reporting great response he was reveiving to the True Blue ad.  It is reassuring to know that your marketing efforts are paying off for you and that you have experienced success with your ad in The Castle Pines Conenction.  We take pride in featuring local businesses and especially residents in the community.

Thanks for taking the time to write in,

Terri Wiebold, editor


May 7, 2012

Hi Liz,

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the Castle Pines Connection and you Liz for your honest reporting of the [Castle Pines Village] roundabouts and continuing to report throughout the project to the public what this project was all about from the start to finish.

Paul Dannels,

Castle Pines Metropolitan District Manager




Dear Editor,

I was reading the article on the new Castle Pines Town Center Developing and thought that this would probably be a great idea. It would attract more people to Castle Pines not only because of the new houses but it would also provide a place for residents to go have a picnic or play in the park with their kids. Imagine being able to ride your bike through open space without having to go that far away from home. I know I would like that.

The European Style pedestrian zone is a great idea having restaurants and business there would give people a place to meet with friends or go shopping while still supporting the Castle Pines community. mean currently there are a few places to eat and like five stores. That's not much of a shopping center. But with 700,000 square feet of businesses you really have a shopping center.

The only bad things are that we would get a lot more traffic past neighborhoods that used to have quiet homes and wildlife would lose their homes where we are building. But other than that everything else would be nice. Now we just wait for the building to start.

Marshall Thomas
7535 Yorkshire Dr.
Castle Pines Co 80108
Neighborhood next to the Visitor Center



April 24, 2012

Hello Editor,

I look forward to your monthly newspaper and email updates. It's informative and diverse in its content.

Unfortunately, I want to bring to your attention the lack of adequate information in the last two issues of The Castle Pines Connection regarding the Castle Pines Town Center.

Neither the March article "Castle Pines Town Center gets green light from planning commission" nor the April article, "Castle Pines Town Center gains City Council approval," included any public comment regarding this controversial annexation and development. I would state that the majority of those who spoke at both public hearings were objecting to various issues, regarding the magnitude of the project and its impacts on surrounding property owners.

It's unfortunate that the writer decided to copy and paste a couple of paragraphs instead of highlighting some public comment.

Leslie H. Lilly
Happy Canyon Homeowners' Association


Mr. Lilly,

Thank you for taking the time to send in you comments regarding The Castle Pines Connection's ongoing coverage of the Castle Pines Town Center.

Certainly, development in the area impacts not only Castle Pines, but surrounding neighbors as well.  Our coverage of the project (dating back to January 2009) has been focused on educating the public about the project plans, encouraging attendance at scheduled meetings, and reporting on the development status

We anticipate that members of the community who have interst in the project will attend the meetings and see for themselves the specifics of the project and share their opinions with those making the decisions and voting on the project plans - much like it sounds you and your neighbors have. 

"Castle Pines Town Center gets green light from planning commission" and "Castle Pines Town Center gains City Council approval" both convey the end result of the meeting, which is what we were hoping to accomplish.

I will take into consideration your desire to have more extensive coverage of the public opinions expressed at the meetings for future stories.

Terri Wiebold, editor

Response submitted by Mr. Lilly 4/26/12 -

Thanks for the reply's always a pleasure "chatting" with you and I know that the residents of Happy Canyon enjoy your efforts to provide and deliver your paper at no charge. Additionally, I know of residents (myself included) that enjoy patronizing numerous businesses in The City of Castle Pines too.

Thanks again,



April 14, 2012

To: Castle Pines Connection

In the last issue of The Connection, I noted with interest the ads for the candidates for the Metro District Board. It was good to have some information available to decide how to vote. I appreciate the Connection providing that info.

However, upon closer inspection, I noted a logo down in the lower right corner of Lichtenheld/Lucas/Bruer’s ad.  It was the Republican party logo. There was no such logo on the other candidates’ ad.

I must tell you I am new to this area, having moved here in December from out of state. I was quite turned off by the logo.  It cost those three my vote.

It is not that I am for or opposed to Republican candidates. It is because this is and should be a non-partisan office. We have enough problems with legislative deadlock elsewhere.  We don’t need that kind of partisanship brought home to the Metro District Board. The presence of the logo on a coordinated advertisement suggests a ‘block’ mentality. It is this kind of mentality that results in party being valued higher than the good of the community. They should be running to support our community not to hoist a political banner over its business nor to further an agenda.

Paul Mauro

Castle Pines, CO



April 8, 2012


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting Project Easter Basket this year. From rounding up neighborhood support to your generous donations to the wonderful article, you really went above and beyond.

We were able to put together 425 baskets this year with the help of Castle Pines Village and residents of Castle Pines North (thanks to your article in The Castle Pines Conenction)...

I could not have done it without you this year.

Stacy Gaines


March 8, 2012

Hi Terri,

The notice about the directory project is usually carried via the mail... In Castle Pines, there exists a way to insure that everyone has seen it! The Castle Pines Connection is so well regarded and widely read that my notification to the residents was in much "safer hands" by entrusting it to you than to the mail.

The response to the notice has been fantastic so far AND keeps coming. It is obvious to me that people hang on to the paper! I'm also noting that the reply form is being copied and faxed or scanned and emailed rather than being cut out and mailed.

On another, and related note, I often field calls from residents of Castle Pines who are seeking guidance on which of the many entities in this community (individual HOA, Master Association, Parks Authority, Metro District and City) is charged with this or that. I've been referring those calls to your website on which residents have an attractive, navigable and easy to use resource which connects to each of these entities and everything related to Castle Pines. What a terrific job you've done building this community hub!

Congratulations on building terrific, multi-platform resource that lives up to the promise of its name! And thanks again for your help!

Patricia KC Anthone, Publisher
Our Neighborhood Directory
by Sponsored Publications



March 2, 2012

Terri and Kathy,

Thank you both for publishing an article in The Castle Pines Connection for Cat Care Society. I really appreciate you taking the time to write about a really nice cat shelter that does an honorable job in sheltering cats. By letting the public know that sheltering can be done more effectively, be more fair, and be enjoyable to adopt a cat, you promote humanity for homeless cats.

Thank you again.

Kyle Herbertson



February 19, 2012


The Castle Pines Connection has run several articles over the years highlighting the success of Warren Village. The Connection has been generous to give coverage on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and good old fashioned news coverage. I absolutely adore the Castle Pines Connection because of their desire and their ability to connect the citizens of Castle Pines North.

Tammy Abramovitz



February 9, 2012

Dear Editor,

Thank you for writing the column "Made in the USA Matters." I too have read the statistics that you quoted and find it hard to believe that we as Americans can't quite figure out how to "help ourselves." In any event, I am a art consultants (generally dealing with churches) and have many artists that I solely represent in Colorado as well as others that I can call upon depending upon the desired medium fort he art. I also have designed and sell jewelry and pendants that are 100% made in America...hoping to keep some of our artists and foundries employed.


Bill Sarge, resident



January 18, 2012
I've lived in Castle Pines since 1999 and have not ever seen any articles written about "cats".  Is there any possibility that the Connection would be willing to publish an article to bring awareness about cats in shelters prior to April?  Spring will arrive in about three months and kitten season will begin late March.  It is best to spay and neuter all breeding cats prior to this time to reduce the numbers of kittens born.  More dogs are adopted than cats.  Because cats are not microchipped as frequently as dogs the percentage of those returned to homes is much lower.  Think about how difficult it would be to identify a short haired black cat if the cat is not microchipped.  This was a huge issue after Hurricane Katrina, returning cats to their rightful owners when so many of them look alike.
I have been a volunteer at Cat Care Society for 10 years and not enough is done to talk about the challenges cats face in shelters year after year. 
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ms. Kyle Herbertson
Castle Pines Resident


Ms. Kyle Herbertson,

Thank you for your interest and participation; your event has been posted to the Castle Pines Connection website-  

We are curently in production on the February issue of the paper, but I will discuss this topic at our staff meeting and will have a writer follow up with you mid-February for a March story.  I will also try to get your event included in the February issue.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write in.




January 10


I can’t tell you how grateful we are at the library for all the support, stories, and mentions you give us every issue. The CP Connection is a powerful tool in the community, we are honored to be able to be part of it!

Amy Long,

Patron Services Department Head

Castle Pines Library



January 9, 2012

Hey Amy,

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be in the paper.  One of my students brought me a copy (I don't think I've received one in the mail yet), and it was such a great article.

I have gotten more phone calls from people who read that single article than from all of the ads I've put in the neighborhood newsletters and things. You really expressed what we are all about and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much!
Laura Hinton, owner
Boutique Dance Academy





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