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October 11, 2011


I'm writing to share how grateful I was for the contributions of your talented writer Tricia Wackerly who shared with me a story she wrote in your publication on Robert Ferraro. Eat Well Enjoy Life hummus is a client, and I am always looking for original content to share on their company blog. Tricia's article allowed us to do that, as well as share a link to your publication.

The Neighbors to Know series is such a wonderful idea, for the way it highlights the talents of many in your community.

Best Regards, Ann Manion


August 31, 2011

Dear Editor:

If the Connection covers the election [for the City of Castle Pines] at all, will you please include the position of city clerk?  The city seems to have forgotten this position is also up for re-election.

Resa Labossiere


The Castle Pines Connection will be provding limited coverage of the upcoming November elections, including the open positions at The City of Castle Pines.  Thank you for bringing to our attention the city's oversight in omitting the office of city clerk in its communications.  We will do what we can to make sure all open positions are communicated to the residents in the city.

Thanks for taking the time to write in.

Terri Wiebold, editor



August 2, 2011

Hi Lisa,

I can not thank you enough for the beautiful article you wrote about me and my mom. I awoke this morning to a text message and an email from my mom and dad, they had found your article online! I was so excited to read it, and was overcome with emotion as I read it aloud to my husband. The way you told our story was just perfect. You captured our product, motivation, dreams and journey so completely. This article is truly a gift, and a memento that we will cherish. Thank you so much!

Golly Gee Gourmet, LLC

July 6, 2011


August 1, 2011


We continue to enjoy the Castle Pines newspaper of which you are a part and thank you for having us as a part of it last summer..... As we read it throughout the year, it helps us to feel very close to the community here.

I also must say that as you look at it compared to the Douglas County newspaper that they toss in the driveway...... yours looks like the New York Times! So much more news and so much more interest in so much more beautifully put together, so please pass that on to the editor for me.  I have appreciated her communications with me in the past and both yours and her support.

Keys Allan,

Happy Canyon HOA




I am super impressed with the scan code on the paper!  It was exciting to see what it was!
My name is kelcie rasco and we have lived in castle pines north for 25 years now!  Thanks for all your hard work on the paper!



July 1, 2011


I have been reading your paper for a long time and I think it is so biased that I cannot view it as credible.  You should think about not being such a nasty person and attempting to garner attention by behaving the way you do.  In your time in our community you have created enemy after enemy and have alienated yourself from the decision makers in CPN.   I wish you would look in the mirror and reflect on yourself as a human being and realize that allies and friends are not made by grandstanding.

Sent by, R Parker



While I am surprised and disappointed you feel the way you do about The Castle Pines Connection newspaper, I am especially disappointed you did not sign your name to this e-mail. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your opinions and learn more about what is at the root of your frustrations and your character attacks on me personally.

I stand firm that The Castle Pines Connection is an unbiased publication, allowing for free expression from all residents in the community.   It is your voice ... their voice ... not mine.   My goal is not to alienate anyone.   It may be true that some of the views and opinions expressed in the paper by your neighbors may not be consistent with the political agendas of some of the "decision makers" in the community.   However, their voices are just as important and should be heard. The Castle Pines Connection is merely one vehicle of communication within the community; one I strive to maintain as credible and fair.

If you could provide me with some specific examples of the assertions in your e-mail, I would be happy to address them and work to make any changes that would better serve our readers and the residents in the Castle Pines community.   I hope for an open dialogue with you and invite you call me and talk with me further.

Terri Wiebold, editor



June 7, 2011

Terri -

Some background would be helpful: [page 6 of the June issue of The Castle Pines Conenction].

Wow, what's this all about?   Is this a "paid" column or given to the City Treasurer to relate City business to the citizens?   To me seems that Mark [Shively] has used the space as a "citizen" with a personal view (or beef) not the "Treasurer" for conveying City information.

What ever light you can shed on this would help.  

Thanks much,

David Necker


I am happy to try to shed light on the inclusion of Treasurer Shively's column, although I am unable to speak to the content, as they are his words and not mine.

Treasurer Shively, Mayor Huff, and City Manager McGrady all have equal space allocated in The Castle Pines Connection for a column at no cost - they are not compensated for their participation, nor do I charge the city.   They all have the same word count requirements and the same time deadlines.   I try to accommodate all three columns each issue in an effort to partner with the city and help communicate to residents what is happening. The recently-distributed June issue was an exception because Mayor Huff did not submit a column, and Manager McGrady chose to instead have his comments featured in a color ad paid for by the city.

As far as content, the treasurer and the mayor both have a little more flexibility, as they are both elected officials voted in by the residents in the community to represent them. Their opinions on topics are relevant for that reason. I have encouraged both to focus on matters relevant to the offices they hold. As for city manager McGrady, his column is designed to be a "city update" on what is happening, without editorial influence.

I have committed to providing the space to the city without censoring or editing the columns. Whether or not the city communications committee approves any or all of the content submitted is something city officials and staff need to work together on internally. I am merely the mechanism by which they get this information to residents.

I appreciate you taking the time ask your questions, as often times editorial comments/opinions in the paper are perceived to be endorsed by the paper, which they are not.

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss this topic further, please feel free to call me on my cell phone.

Thanks for your time and continued interest,



June 13 Response from David Necker:

Terri - thank you for the comments.  Lots of "low road" in the community and certainly many of our junior politicians are not working in the community's overall best interest. Personal assaults should be keep personal and should not be used with one's public title waiving in the breeze - in my opinion.

Washington and national politicians have set a low bar which is being further lowered by some on the city council and members of the metro district.

A CPC disclaimer on such articles would serve you well!!



June 2, 2011

I use to have a sign in my office that read “Maturity means proving your self right by not proving someone else wrong”. In reading the column by Mark Shively in the June, 2011 issue of the Connection, it is obvious that Mr. Shively has never heard of that statement. Over the last several issues of the Connection, his ranting about how wrong the City Council and some members in particular is embarrassing to the community. Is he not the City Treasurer or is he still thinking he is on the Metro District working against incorporation. If my memory serves me correctly, he attends very few council meetings and contributes nothing when he is there.

I appreciate the columns by City Manager McGrady who is letting us know what is happening in a factual way, while helping move this city forward.

The Connection used to be the voice of the community, a paper that everyone used to read from cover to cover to find out what is happening with facts that were unbiased. I see with each issue that this has changed with more space allotted to articles and columns very subjective and biased against all the city has accomplished and continues to do. I am not the only one very disappointed in this change. Another saying I had in my office was “The foot you step on today may be attached to the (bum) you are kissing tomorrow.”

Joan Millspaugh
Resident of the City of Castle Pines


Thank you for taking the time to share with me your opinions about Treasurer Shively's column in the recent issue of The paper, and especially for meeting with me to discuss your comments in person earlier this week.  I was happy to learn that you enjoy reading the paper and that you read it from cover to cover!  I was also pleased to have the opportunity to clarify for you the space allocation in the paper for city "columns" and that the space allocation has, in fact, not changed. 

Becuase nearly half of the readership of The Castle Pines Connection resides in the City of Castle Pines, city information is a welcome addition to the paper.  Historically, participation of elected officials in a community dialogue lends credibility to the newspaper, and the information featured is designed to educate and inform residents of the current status of the city. 

At the present time, I have committed to allocating an entire page to the city at no cost, where columns from elected officials are included, as well as a column from the city manager.

I hope this helps alleviate any concerns you may have had about the paper's participation in, or support of, subjective and biased columns against the city - it is simply not true.

I look forward to seeing you at community meetings and to our contnued dialogue about how to best bring the news of the City of Castle Pines to residents.




May 25, 2011


I am writing you today to see if we can get an outside view of the what exactly is going on between the CPNMD and the city.   The recent back and forth of emails and mailed print newsletters of what to do with our water is getting simple ridicules. The back and forth finger pointing reminds me of high school or better yet grade school (she did it, no he did it). It is amazing to me the politics and leveraging for power and money this very young city is showing. I am sure this happens in every city just the first time I have witnessed it first hand. Here is my take on the whole water issue.

1. I believe the Castle Rock paper was written many articles on how the Parker water district is in trouble with there finances. Last I read was they did not have enough money to complete there new reservoir and were going to raise rates on customers to help.

2. I believe I read in this paper that the Canyons development would fall into the Parker water district.

So, based on that why would I want the City of Castle Pines to be in charge of water when eventually half the city (The Canyons) will fall under a different water district?

So, we will find out soon what the CPNMD is going to propose to voters, but based on their recent newsletter, I can only guess the Parker water district based on there cost estimates. Why would we want to join this district with there current finical struggles?

I hope an independent view might be able to shed a little light on this subject.

Scott Aubert

Mr. Aubert,

I would be happy to discuss this issue (to the best of my knowledge) with you. Please feel free to call me on my cell phone at 303-918-3676 to discuss.   Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to write in to The Castle Pines Connection for answers.

Terri Wiebold, editor



May 23, 2011

The article [in the May issue of The Castle Pines Connection about Western Douglas County Young Life] was wonderful - thank you! I was amazed by the number of folks I talked to in the days immediately following that edition arriving in the mail who said they saw the article! A common comment I heard was that the Castle Pines Connection is the only paper they read in print - they get all other news electronically. Just wanted you to know that.

The event was successful financially for Western Douglas County YoungLife, and now we are gearing up for over 100 kids in our community heading out to a YoungLife summer camp in June!

With appreciation,

Bill Gouger
Western Douglas County YoungLife


March 4, 2011

To Whom it May Concern:

I really like going to the pool, but there is no pool in the Castle Pines area. Often I have to go to Castle Rock or Highlands Ranch recreation center. So would you consider putting in a recreation center in the area so everyone can enjoy?

Here are some reasons why. The Castle Pines area would be healthier because instead of sitting and watching TV, people could be swimming or working out or taking a class like art class, swim class and more. Another reason is when I go to other recreation centers, like the Castle Rock center or the Highlands Ranch center, I have to pay a fee because I don't live in that area. If we had a recreation center in Castle Pines, most people wouldn't have to pay a fee. I did a survey and 9 out of 10 pre-teens that live in the Castle Pines area want to have a recreation center there.

You may say to yourself well, we don't have enough money. I have a solution, which is, we could do fundraisers or maybe we could raise taxes. People may support this because they want a recreation center in our area.

I hope I've convinced you to put a recreation center in Castle Pines. It would be healthier for kids and adults. Castle Pines area would be a great place to go!


Lyssa Haynie



March 2, 2011


I just received my copy of The Castle Pines Connection and was very impressed by your article on our ladies golf club. You did a great job in presenting our ladies league to the community. The information include about Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course and its amenities was also terrific. We can't thank you and your editor enough for including this article about the Red Hawk Ridge Ladies Golf Club in the March publication. Hopefully we will be able to get an article in the Connection in the fall showcasing the Rally For The Cure tournament. Please also extend our thanks to your editor for this wonderful article.

I enjoyed working with you and would love to have you join our group if you are at all interested in playing in a ladies league. It's a great group of ladies.


Brenda Ketner



February 17, 2011


I live in Castle Pines Village and would like to see your entire plan this development group has given you on the new proposed road alignment for the former Castlegate Road Project.   Do you have the lower portion of this drawing, and what it looks like in the full scope, and also what they plan to build across the road from Castle Pines Village?   Your drawings in your paper look like apartments.  We have not seen this plan and are wondering what is up. We enjoy your paper, keep up the good reporting. Thank you for any help you can give us.

Sincerely, Theresa Levar

Dear Ms. Levar,

Thank you for your interest in my story and your kind words about our paper.

In addition to writing this article, I am on the Happy Canyon Homeowners' Association board.   The Pine Crest developers only provided the Castlegate Preferred Alignment drawing (which is a public record) and the one that we included in the article.   Unfortunately, their schematic of their underpass proposal is a little light on details.   I have tried to obtain further information, both as an HOA board member and for this article, but the developers have not responded. Their proposal is in the early design stage, which may explain why there isn't more detail.

I would suggest you follow up with the Castle Pines Homes Association board members, as they indicated they may meet with Pine Crest developers in the future.

Hope this helps.

Liz West, Staff Writer

February 18, 2011 (Follow up to original e-mail on 2/17/11)

Thank you so very much for the information you do have and responding to my e-mail. We appreciate it. I want to tell you that many of our residents read your paper all the time. That is how we found out about this new proposal.   Thank you for the good updates and news articles.

We are now working with the board members up for election, to see what is going to happen here. The board has also answered a few questions so far. Like you, we cannot seem to find anymore information either.

Thank you again for your help and the information you have given me. We will keep reading your newspaper.

Theresa Levar


February 1, 2011

Lisa and Terri,

This is an overdue but sincere thank you for the terrific article you did about the new window art at Castle Pines Library.   The photos were great too!

Your newspaper provides a wonderful service to the community, and we appreciate your continued support of the library.

Sharon Lauchner, Branch Manager

Castle Pines and Lone Tree Libraries



January 17, 2011

Liz and Terri,

Hi.  Elizabeth and I just want to say we are reading the Castle Pines Connection regularly.... Thank you.... and as we read the January 2011 edition we felt compelled to mention to you once again how great we think the publication is!

We so enjoy reading it as it is always filled with great information and useful content. You guys are doing a real service for the community. Of course, we particularly enjoyed page 15 in this edition as we could see the staff and also a great picture of Rich & Liz. You guys should keep up the good work and we wanted to just let you now that from our perspective you are doing such a great job.

Happy new year to you guys and have lots of success and fulfillment for all involved in the Castle Pines Connection community newspaper .

Best regards,


Happy Canyon HOA



January 7, 2011

Dear Editor,

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the constant attention you give to the K-12 schools in our area! Specifically, I love reading about what is going on at my daughter's school (Buffalo Ridge). Additionally, I enjoy reading about different programs that are happening at the other schools.

Thank you so much for putting in the student writing from Buffalo Ridge's Ridgeline paper! My daughter, Casidee, just had her story published in your last edition. I was humbled, and so happy to see her work in your prestigious newspaper. For you to put student writing into your paper says so much about where your heart is, and that's in the community of Castle Rock.

Thank you Terri (are you the editor?) for your personal note to my daughter, and then giving her a certificate to receive a buntie cake from the Bundt Shop! Are you kidding me? Does it get any better then receiving such a delicious sweet? Not for my daughter at least. Then, to add a cherry to the sundae, Casidee also received a lovely plaque with her article in it!

Thanks again, with all my heart, for all that you are doing in publishing such a super paper. Keep up the fantastic work!


Josh Gonzales

Thank you Mr. Gonzales for your kind words. Yes, I am the editor, but I am not the one responsible for this great program. One of my staff writers - Elean Gersack - was the one who spearheaded this effort. Elean is the one who selects the stories; I just get the fun of featuring them in the paper. It is a pleasure to be able to partner with Buffalo Ridge and The Ridgeline and to see such passion and creativity with writing at these young ages. I might just be recruiting future writers...

All of the schools in the Castle Pines community do an amazing job of encouraging the kids and including us (the local paper) in what is happening at the schools. I am pleased that you are enjoying the coverage in The Castle Pines Connection, and I am happy to be able to provide it. And as always, be sure to thank the advertisers in the paper; without them, none of this would be possible!

With gratitude,

Terri Wiebold, editor


January 5, 2011

Editor Wiebold,

In a recent letter to the Editor, I may have gone overboard in commenting about what I referred to as your paper's bias.   After discussing same with you, in person, I believe that my own myopia may have influenced my comment.   Certainly a poor choice of words, was the reference that your paper clandestinely reports the news.   For that I apologize.

My letter was intended to lend a unfiltered voice to, and encourage the citizens of Castle Pines, to be aware of the ongoing "gut fight" between the City and the Metro District. Both are directing tens of thousands of tax dollars to political and legal infighting, that fail to benefit the citizens directly, and convey a negative image about the community in which I call home.   I would urge every Castle Pines resident to go on-line, or attend public meetings of both the City and the Metro District, ask questions, and see where our tax dollars are being needlessly spent on (negative) communications and legal fees.

As a citizen, neighbor, and taxpayer, I believe that I have boiled down this question into a new mantra:

"WE ARE *SUING OURSELVES with our own TAX dollars" Why? (*suing, simply implies any pending legal action re. dissolution and/or integration.)

I would encourage your paper to publish a future article reporting the total amount of taxpayer money, in Dollars, that has been spent to date, between the City of Castle Pines, and the Castle Pines Metro District on the subject of dissolution and integration, and how much each has budgeted in 2011 for their own specific communications specialists.   It is public record, but would be much easier to read in your paper, which thankfully, is still delivered free.

Thank you,
Donald Reese


January 5, 2011

I am a previous resident of the area, and the map you have placed in your newspaper is entirely wrong!   Penley Ranch is NORTH of Hwy 67, just south of Roxborough! According to your map placement, it appears to be located near Perry Park! Please make sure that you publish CORRECT data. You should have your facts correct before you go to publication! It would be a tragedy if this dam is allowed to be built.   The history of the area and the sheer beauty would be a loss to all future generations!

Too bad the all mighty dollar seems to rule it all.

Dear Annonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to send in your comments regarding the Penley Reservoir story in the January issue of The Castle Pines Connection. Shortly after we went to press, this error was discovered. We tried to make the correction, but the newspapers had already been printed and mailed. We immediately sent out an e-mail to our more than 3,000 e-mail recipients and also posted the corrected map on our website, as well as in the electronic version of the paper.

I have allocated space in the February issue of the paper to re-print the map in its corrected form, along with follow up information from the January 10 hearing. My designer who prepared the map feels terrible about the mistake, as do I. Please accept my personal apologies for the error and watch for the corrected version in the next paper.

I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, as I do try to disseminate factual, correct information. If you are interested in being added to our e-mail distribution list to receive information in the future, please sign up at

Best Wishes,

Terri Wiebold, editor


January 3, 2011 (In response to letter to the editor dated 12/30/10 from Donald Reese)


Thank you Don for your comments. I appreciate your time - for both your email and for the time you spend attending various community meetings.

If all in the community (including entities referenced [in your letter]) were of high moral compass, just think how far along this community would be.   It is time that the blatant misrepresentations and mistruths come to an end. With constructive dialogue and civic minded motives, this City could become the star of Douglas County to which you refer.

Happy New Year.

Much appreciated,

Shelley Hamilton Bruer
Castle Pines City Council, Ward 2



January 3, 2011 (In response to letter to the editor dated 12/30/10 from Donald Reese)

Thank you Don for your comments to the Mayor and the Council.   Unfortunately, what you read in the paper is not always factual. One persons opinion is not factual.   Please attend our Ward meetings and City Council meetings to see the amazing progress of the city and the hard discussions and decisions that goes into building a new city. I can assure you that the Council is committed to always doing the right thing for the residents and will always report the facts. Don't forget we are volunteer residents ourselves and want the best for the city now and long into the future.

There some citizens that have heavy ties to the Metro District (renewable water issues), Master Association and the 32 HOA's. They did not want to see the city succeed and still do not want to see the city succeed at any cost. I know it is a nightmare to figure out who is telling the truth and who is not. My confidence lies in the elected officials and the majority votes of 6 Council Members and 1 Mayor. Please review the votes and you will find the Council and the Mayor vote unanimously on almost every issue. The Council and Mayor built a priority list and goals when Mayor Huff was elected. Some of the goals are infrastructure, renewable water and economic development. These goals guide our decisions from the Ward meetings, Council meetings and all the community meetings in between that help us gain the research and facts needed to vote on issues. We make decisions on the short term and the long term sustainability of the city for the best interest of each resident. (You can ask my husband. I don't do this because of fame, money or future ambitions. I volunteer because I love Castle Pines and want to see the best future unfold for my family, neighbors and local businesses.)

The job of working for the residents is not easy weighing all the issues our community faces over the next 25 years. We can not and will not please everyone. Please review the cities goals built by the Council and the Mayor that we follow when making budget decisions and priority decisions.

Thank you again for taking the time to send us a clear message. It is unfortunate that there is not enough time in the day or enough money in the budget to combat all the misleading information.


Kim Hoffman, Council Person Ward 2
City of Castle Pines North

Council Person Hoffman,

Thank you for helping to clarify to Mr. Reese that a person's opinion (as expressed in the newspaper) is not a representation of fact on the part of the newspaper, but rather a personal perspective offered by a member of the community, or elected officials in this case.

I have an acute appreciation for your observation that you can not and will not please everyone and that there is a lot of misleading information out there.  I welcome your input in how to best disseminate information to residents in an accurate and factual manner, while still allowing for the freedom of personal opinion and expression.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to Mr. Reese's letter to the editor and for your continued interest in The Castle Pines Connection.

Best wishes for a productive new year,

Terri Wiebold, editor



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