2010 - Year in Review
As the news becomes old news, it will still be posted here for the current year.

SMFR Holiday Drive (12-6-2010)
Holiday events are plentiful this December (12-1-2010)
A Special Thank You to Our Advertisers (12-1-2010)
East-west road connection opens in December (12-1-2010)
Update from the east side of the Interstate (12-1-2010)
Town of Castle Rock approves new building heights for Centura Health
Seasonal trees go green at neighborhood lot (12-1-2010)
Tolls increase on E-470 starting in 2011 (12-1-2010)
Castle Pines Village residents pick up steam on railroad quiet zone (12-1-2010)
Castle Pines North residents vote to abolish city’s Urban Renewal Authority
Holiday shipping help (12-1-2010)
Voters approve name change; drop “North” (12-1-2010)
City municipal court; one year strong (12-1-2010)
News from the CPN Metro District (12-1-2010)
Salon 188: a whole new look; new owner (12-1-2010)
Dear Chamber Members (12-1-2010)
$20 on the 20th kicks off holiday shopping (12-1-2010)
Castle Pines community friends open Bellezza Boutique just in time for holiday shopping (12-1-2010)
Eighth grader collects turkeys for the Denver Rescue Mission (12-1-2010)
Castle Rock’s 75th Star Lighting (12-1-2010)
Ken Hamblin sighting: Alive and well in Douglas County (12-1-2010)
Local coach leads team to state volleyball title (12-1-2010)
Operation Bright Star delivers Thanksgiving (12-1-2010)
Douglas County to impact the health of America’s children (12-1-2010)
Annual Surrey Ridge hayrack ride (12-1-2010)
Area Churches Celebrate the Season (12-1-2010)
Party with a purpose (12-1-2010)
Congratulations Kent Paul! (12-1-2010)
DAR scholarships available to high school seniors (12-1-2010)
Recovery, rehabilitation, and long-term senior options (12-1-2010)
Bargains and friendly atmosphere at the new task force thrift store (12-1-2010)
Mixing holiday décor; what’s the obsession? (12-1-2010)
Santa’s Sharing helps those in need during the holidays (12-1-2010)
Neighborhood writer gives gift of expression (12-1-2010)
A taste of ... Augustine Grill (12-1-2010)
Appetizers; A tasty addition to a holiday menu (12-1-2010)
Castle Pines family starts library in Costa Rica with help from community
Paws to give this holiday season (12-1-2010)
Fried fowl, a twist on traditional holiday turkey (12-1-2010)
School Scoop (12-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge undertakes community projects throughout the holidays
TTE second graders treasure their ancestors (12-1-2010)
Caught with Courtesy and Manners (12-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Education Alliance tackles bullying head-on (12-1-2010)
Holiday Hoopfest (12-1-2010)
Where for art thou, Romeo? (12-1-2010)
Rocky Heights Middle School nighthawks turn on the neon (12-1-2010)
Two thousand pound candy buy-back! (12-1-2010)
Work-out Wednesdays at Buffalo Ridge Elementary (12-1-2010)
DCS Montessori fifth graders honor veterans (12-1-2010)
Science at TTE – read “owl” about it (12-1-2010)
Treats for the troops (12-1-2010)
The freak (12-1-2010)
Mentoring music at Rocky Heights Middle School (12-1-2010)
Got fish? American Academy kids do! (12-1-2010)
Rock Canyon High School poms take the prize (12-1-2010)
American Academy wins first school championship (12-1-2010)
Speed stacking for new Guinness world record (12-1-2010)
BellaRock Adventures women’s overnight snowshoe hut trip (12-1-2010)
There’s nothing soft about softball at RCHS (12-1-2010)
Victorious with their accomplishments (12-1-2010)
Gold Crown volleyball program nets results (12-1-2010)
Castle Pines Real Estate Summary (12-1-2010)
Tips for a Happy and Safe Holiday (12-1-2010)


Thanksgiving Week DUI Crackdown Aims to Gobble Up Impaired Drivers
Trick or treat on and off the street; candy abounds (11-1-2010)
Leadership Douglas County discovers historic open space (11-1-2010)
Home building in The Canyons still years away (11-1-2010)
Happy Canyon Road roundabouts on hold (11-1-2010)
Cutting Christmas trees – a Rocky Mountain tradition (11-1-2010)
Know where to go for information on snow (11-1-2010)
Partnership of Douglas County Government (11-1-2010)
Election Day is November 2 (11-1-2010)
City of Castle Pines North seeks volunteers for URA, boards, commissions and committees (11-1-2010)
Public Works Tracks (11-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Financials (11-1-2010)
CPN 2011 Budget Update (11-1-2010)
City files application for wildfire mitigation assistance (11-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Metro District (11-1-2010)
Keep the $20’s coming! (11-1-2010)
Holiday teas at Cherokee Ranch and Castle (11-1-2010)
Chamber board welcomes three Colorado natives (11-1-2010)
Dr. Dunbar does it again! (11-1-2010)
Fish Window Cleaning (11-1-2010)
Colonel Klink puts practices to ink (11-1-2010)
SeekingSitters; childcare resource (11-1-2010)
Artist’s touch gives new life to family heirlooms (11-1-2010)
Psycho (11-1-2010)
Santa sharing; neighborhood caring (11-1-2010)
Cerney Circle Cleavage Conservation raises money for the Race for the Cure
I’ll have turkey with the traditional trimmings, please (11-1-2010)
New family practice health care in Castle Pines (11-1-2010)
Douglas County Libraries wants your winter coats (11-1-2010)
Castle Rock celebrates 75th starlighting (11-1-2010)
TTE Book Fair “Saves the Day” (11-1-2010)
Artisan Bread Making (11-1-2010)
Adult Piano Lessons at KeysTone Music Academy (11-1-2010)
BRE Dream Team’s Salvation Army food drive (11-1-2010)
Wag ‘n Trail sets new fundraising record (11-1-2010)
Ladies from the Castle Pines community support Denver’s Warren Village
A taste of...The Old West Bar-B-Que (11-1-2010)
Gusto and Charm (11-1-2010)
High kicks for Christmas (11-1-2010)
Castle Pines youth play with the Arapahoe Philharmonic Youth Orchestra
Just passing through - with an important message (11-1-2010)
Garnish the holiday table with tasty side dishes (11-1-2010)
When life gives you lemons (11-1-2010)
Rocky Heights Middle School performs with pride (11-1-2010)
School Scoop (11-1-2010)
Rocky Heights eighth graders goin’ downtown (11-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Book Fair – a huge success (11-1-2010)
DCS Montessori students escape to Estes Park (11-1-2010)
Fifth graders defy the laws of gravity (11-1-2010)
RCHS Homecoming (11-1-2010)
RHMS teaches the Rocky Mountain experience (11-1-2010)
BRE students caught with character (11-1-2010)
A beautiful day to run in the neighborhood (11-1-2010)
TTE collects food for needy families (11-1-2010)
Witches playing at RCHS? (11-1-2010)
A young, mounting success (11-1-2010)
Turkey Rock Trot (11-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics brings basketball to CPN (11-1-2010)
Rock Canyon Jaguars Cross Country team heads to State championships
‘Tis the season for game hunting (11-1-2010)
South Suburban celebrates with FREE classes (11-1-2010)
Close finish for the Storm Wolves (11-1-2010)


How, When, and Where to vote (10-23-2010)
How to find information about the ballot issues (10-23-2010)
Castle Pines Eye Care gives gift of vision (10-1-2010)
Castle Pines community OctoberFest a huge hit (10-1-2010)
Village residents work to revise railroad quiet zone (10-1-2010)
Soccer mega complex comes to Castle Pines area (10-1-2010)
Grand opening for Lincoln Commons at RidgeGate (10-1-2010)
Freecycling; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (10-1-2010)
City to host emergency preparedness meeting (10-1-2010)
Community wildfire protection plan meetings (10-1-2010)
Douglas County Fire Ban in effect (10-1-2010)
City seeking volunteers for boards, commissions and committees (10-1-2010)
Ballot Information (10-1-2010)
Public Works Tracks (10-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Finances Strong (10-1-2010)
Election Information 2010 (10-1-2010)
October is crime prevention month (10-1-2010)
Evacuation video guides residents in emergency (10-1-2010)
Show gratitude to our military (10-1-2010)
Dukes Steakhouse relocating to Castle Pines North next month (10-1-2010)
Re/MAX agent Derek Kliner earns lifetime achievement award (10-1-2010)
Save your Andrew Jackson’s! (10-1-2010)
Sixth Annual “Raising Spirits Wine Tasting and Auction” (10-1-2010)
Doug Hutchins named Five Star Real Estate Agent (10-1-2010)
Have fun, build relationships and business referrals (10-1-2010)
New art gallery opens at The Courtyard in Castle Rock (10-1-2010)
Renowned local sculptor reflects on artistic journey (10-1-2010)
Divorce doctor gets published (10-1-2010)
Eagle scout builds log bench for local dog park (10-1-2010)
Local resident reaches new heights raising money for the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center (10-1-2010)
Get out of the dark about suicide (10-1-2010)
Douglas County leads the way in open space acquisition; 45,840 acres strong
Roast Butternut Squash Soup with Apples - Cooks Corner (10-1-2010)
A TASTE OF ... Tequila Joes (10-1-2010)
Lavishea lotion bars– looks like a bar of soap (10-1-2010)
Recreation center group donates money to the Castle Pines North Foundation
Castle Pines women’s golf club award Womenade of Castle Rock with generous gift (10-1-2010)
Customer service is really just human relations (10-1-2010)
Research shows it is good to have an attitude (10-1-2010)
TTE kickers have fun; raise money (10-1-2010)
School Scoop (10-1-2010)
Dazbog gets its groove on (10-1-2010)
RCHS senior goes world class (10-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Dream Team raises money for childhood cancer (10-1-2010)
Classrooms get a “SMART” upgrade thanks to book fair profits (10-1-2010)
Silicone wrist bangles all the rage; kids can’t seem to get enough! (10-1-2010)
DCS Montessori much-anticipated playground expansion (10-1-2010)
Student count day is Friday, October 1 (10-1-2010)
Jazzy new teacher at Rocky Heights Middle School (10-1-2010)
TTE ranked in top 25 metro-area schools (10-1-2010)
The Ridgeline is underway; The Buffalo Ridge student online newspaper
New TTE program hits a home run with young readers (10-1-2010)
RHMS’s own named Teacher of the Year (10-1-2010)
Seventh graders hit the beach with American Academy (10-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Elementary launches new reading program (10-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Stampede a stomping good time (10-1-2010)
Raise the curtain for Principal Dierberger (10-1-2010)
DCS Montessori fall festival (10-1-2010)
American Academy parents honor husband; father (10-1-2010)
Our kids are growing and so are we! (10-1-2010)
Colorado Gold Pass; fully-transferable pass provides unlimited skiing
Going from the big league to little league (10-1-2010)
The Dunbar daughters ride again (10-1-2010)
Come ski for free! (10-1-2010)
Former football player inducted into Hall of Fame (10-1-2010)
Two brothers, two days, two holes in one! (10-1-2010)


Fire near Castle Rock (9-15-2010)
I Love My Librarian Award (9-13-2010)
Northbound I-25 Off-Ramp at Lincoln Avenue Night Closure (9-9-2010)
Local groups openly oppose fall ballot measures (9-1-2010)
Happy Canyon roundabouts project approved (9-1-2010)
No IGA for city and SMFR? (9-1-2010)
RidgeGate development hosts open space nature hikes (9-1-2010)
CPN council passes ballot question to change city name (9-1-2010)
Construction to begin soon on Elk Ridge Park in Castle Pines North (9-1-2010)
City financial position remains strong (9-1-2010)
Council reorganizes city committees (9-1-2010)
Register for city updates (9-1-2010)
Community partnership coordinates entities (9-1-2010)
Marijuana dispensary ban in city likely to be extended (9-1-2010)
Castle Pines Library celebrates first anniversary (9-1-2010)
City youth advisory council returns (9-1-2010)
A boost in the local economy, $20 at a time (9-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Metro District - Dissolution Status (9-1-2010)
Flood insurance zone information and rate map available (9-1-2010)
The drive of a lifetime - Rueter-Hess Reservoir opens for tour (9-1-2010)
Rueter-Hess Reservoir Open House (9-1-2010)
Young optometrist of the year award recipient (9-1-2010)
Sheriff Weaver joins chamber board (9-1-2010)
Second quarter 2010 real estate summary (9-1-2010)
New mail center in Village provides business services (9-1-2010)
Exclusive Tans - Come check out our new location! (9-1-2010)
Full service dental comes to Castle Pines Village (9-1-2010)
A stitch in time wins Best of Show (9-1-2010)
Surrey Ridge Estates arena gets a facelift (9-1-2010)
Crafting a legacy with fine furniture (9-1-2010)
A Winter Berry man with a very big hobby (9-1-2010)
Hot Rods in the Village (9-1-2010)
Wag ‘n Trail (9-1-2010)
Save the date for the fifth annual Great American Jacket Exchange (9-1-2010)
Christ’s Episcopal Church Chili & Chocolate Festival (9-1-2010)
DAR to feature Constitution displays at local library (9-1-2010)
Home is where the art is (9-1-2010)
Autumn Apple Cake - Cooks Corner (9-1-2010)
A TASTE OF ... The Fowl Line (9-1-2010)
The sweet sound of giving back (9-1-2010)
We Love Our Castle Pines Pets … Who's Your Favorite? (9-1-2010)
Movie in the park - the perfect summer ending (9-1-2010)
Join in community Fall Festival fun (9-1-2010)
Rock Canyon teens read The Castle Pines Connection (9-1-2010)
School Scoop (9-1-2010)
The Unity of CommUNITY (9-1-2010)
A brief message from your DCSD Superintendant (9-1-2010)
AA celebrates first anniversary in CPN (9-1-2010)
Headed back to school the “old school” way (9-1-2010)
We all scream for ice cream at American Academy’s open house (9-1-2010)
Supply drive raises $17,000 (9-1-2010)
ROK on Rocky Heights (9-1-2010)
Jags are back at it (9-1-2010)
Not just your ordinary moms and dads (9-1-2010)
The Rock Slide comes home to Buffalo Ridge (9-1-2010)
Locally owned sports complex goes Xtreme (9-1-2010)
New conference for Rock Canyon varsity football (9-1-2010)
South Suburban hosts free youth NFL competition (9-1-2010)
Third annual DCSD Colorado Rapids night (9-1-2010)
Village ladies golf club in the pink for charity (9-1-2010)
Speed Raceway birthdays take “girl power” to a whole new level - overdrive!
CPN Storm came raging through this summer (9-1-2010)


Brush Fire at Happy Canyon and I-25 Extinguished (8-21-2010)
Cultural Arts Center under construction in south metro area (8-1-2010)
Douglas County building and planning 101- site improvement plan defined
The Outlets at Castle Rock submit LED sign application (8-1-2010)
Happy Canyon roundabout project nears final approval from Douglas County
Petition calls for vote of citizens (8-1-2010)
The City of Castle Pines North (8-1-2010)
Community Integration Plan to Consolidate City and Metro District Services
Stay Informed! Register for City Updates (8-1-2010)
Douglas County community group provides avenue for charitable giving
Passport fee increases announced by U.S. State Department (8-1-2010)
Mail ballot primary approaches (8-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Metro District (8-1-2010)
View Douglas County history in a whole new way; Google Earth (8-1-2010)
Spend $20 on August 20th! (8-1-2010)
Chamber Independence Day celebration in the Castle Pines community - check us out! (8-1-2010)
Boutique IT firm recognized for growth; true success is in business ethics
Douglas County libraries share the love of reading with children (8-1-2010)
New Allstate office opens in the neighborhood (8-1-2010)
Financial advisor to host dream book workshop dinner (8-1-2010)
Chamber vice president puts Douglas County leadership program on the map for all to follow (8-1-2010)
Empty Nesters hike Meyer’s Ranch Park (8-1-2010)
New birdhouse business for retired marketing rep (8-1-2010)
Family tea business savors twenty-plus years of success (8-1-2010)
Sassy Soiree Annual Fashion Show (8-1-2010)
Annual household chemical roundup (8-1-2010)
Douglas County Garden Club (8-1-2010)
Adventuring across America: The Old Man and the Harley (8-1-2010)
Wildlife Experience's Movie and a Martini presentation of Grease (8-1-2010)
The Wildlife Experience brings 3-D technology to life (8-1-2010)
OLLI South Opens Fall Registration (8-1-2010)
The perfect steak, grilled to perfection (8-1-2010)
A TASTE OF ... Hapa Sushi Grill and Saki Bar (8-1-2010)
Fido fights back to school blues; tips to help (8-1-2010)
Pet Stuff Place offers natural and organic pet food (8-1-2010)
CatFest (8-1-2010)
Pet Famous! (8-1-2010)
Canine Festival comes to Castle Pines Village (8-1-2010)
Just sign here, or maybe not? (8-1-2010)
The mystery of the CPN master (8-1-2010)
Local watering hole a landmark to some (8-1-2010)
Arts Center director looks to the future (8-1-2010)
Wines of the Pines - What’s all the buzz about? (8-1-2010)
RHMS gears up for back to school (8-1-2010)
Timber Trail starts “modified” schedule (8-1-2010)
Back to school for DCS Montessori (8-1-2010)
School Scoop (8-1-2010)
Brought to you by the letter “B” (8-1-2010)
The spirit of the season (8-1-2010)
And the winner is… Nighthawk News! (8-1-2010)
“Giving Tree” provides school supplies to Douglas County students in need
Pledge to say no to cell phones while driving (8-1-2010)
Waist circumference and BMI associated with various health risks (8-1-2010)
Ride across America comes through The Ridge at Castle Pines; Governor Ritter joins the ride (8-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics wraps up baseball season in CPN (8-1-2010)
Fall 2010 registration for RCHS Inline Hockey Club (8-1-2010)
Register for fall soccer with Castle Pines Athletics (8-1-2010)
Colorado Golf Trails and beyond... (8-1-2010)
Castle Crocs wrap up fifth season in Castle Pines North (8-1-2010)
Come try the Fall Frenzy and Kids Tri (8-1-2010)
Ten year old’s golf career off to a winning start (8-1-2010)


Lincoln Avenue Lane Closures (7-22-2010)
National Park and Recreation Month (7-10-2010)
Sedalia recycling center looks to expand size; increase services (7-1-2010)
Happy Canyon “roundabout rodeo” demonstrates viability of plan (7-1-2010)
Railroad quiet zone efforts derailed (7-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Urban Renewal Authority update (7-1-2010)
Leadership Douglas County’s tenth class of “who’s who” in Douglas County releases white paper (7-1-2010)
A Message from New Interim City Manager (7-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Urban Renewal Authority: Community Collaboration
City Public Works Projects (7-1-2010)
Community Integration Plan to Consolidate City and Metro District Services
Stay informed! Register for City Updates (7-1-2010)
Is it time to change your smoke alarm? (7-1-2010)
Sheriff’s Office teaches self defense education for women (7-1-2010)
Zonta Club of Douglas County hosts successful trivia event (7-1-2010)
Castle Pines North welcomes Key Bank (7-1-2010)
Metropolitan District reaches out to potential dissolution/integration partners (7-1-2010)
Free Sprinkler System Inspections (7-1-2010)
Chamber to host community Independence Day celebration - July 2 (7-1-2010)
Save your $20’s for the 20th! (7-1-2010)
Business Accounting Seminar (7-1-2010)
Local business assists in national award for Castle Rock facility (7-1-2010)
Local businessmen turned musicians - Doing what they love (7-1-2010)
An American turnaround story and the journey of a lifetime (7-1-2010)
Local woman lends a hand to get vets to DC monument (7-1-2010)
A truly remarkable woman entrepreneur (7-1-2010)
Local Castle Pines North resident creates reality television show (7-1-2010)
South Suburban recreation hosts blood screenings (7-1-2010)
Douglas County Fair and Rodeo (7-1-2010)
County “Shred-a-thon” to benefit local charities (7-1-2010)
CatFest (7-1-2010)
“We the People...” Part 3 – Application of the Constitution (7-1-2010)
Peach Berry Cobbler- A patriotic dessert for the Independence Day holiday, July 4 (7-1-2010)
Relocate your pets anywhere, any time (7-1-2010)
MOMS Club of Castle Rock NW to conduct membership drive (7-1-2010)
Library director honors soldier who honored library (7-1-2010)
Patriotism grows step by step overseas (7-1-2010)
Don’t let rattlesnakes take a bite out of your summer (7-1-2010)
School Scoop (7-1-2010)
To the Families, Employees and Community Members of the DCSD (7-1-2010)
Calling all Parents to ‘WalkAbout’ RHMS (7-1-2010)
American Academy eighth graders graduate in style (7-1-2010)
American Academy extreme makeover (7-1-2010)
RCHS Junior takes the blue ribbon (7-1-2010)
DCS Montessori Field Day (7-1-2010)
RHMS Science Olympiads score at Colorado School of Mines (7-1-2010)
Timber Trail Elementary teacher brings silent web-based reading program to students with results (7-1-2010)
Timber Trail students reaching new heights (7-1-2010)
Teens speak out on county’s future (7-1-2010)
DCS shows its colors (7-1-2010)
Castle Pines kids participate in fifth annual Tri the Rock (7-1-2010)
Mother and daughter team-up to complete the Colorado Half Marathon
Tenth annual Shootout at Sanctuary golf tournament raises thousands
CPV resident plays in “green” golf tournament; wins hybrid car! (7-1-2010)


Death of Senator Robert C. Byrd (6-30-2010)
Colorado DUI Enforcement Ignites this Fourth of July Weekend (6-30-2010)
Urban Renewal Triggers Controversy; Communication (6-16-2010)
To the Families, Employees and Community Members of the DCSD (6-15-2010)
Railroad Quiet Zone Efforts Come to a Stop (6-14-2010)
CPN Metro District Board Files Lawsuit Against City's Urban Renewal Authority (6-6-2010)
Proposed LED signage at Outlets may change landscape (6-1-2010)
Douglas County moves forward with railroad quiet zone study (6-1-2010)
Household Chemical Roundups - residents clean up (6-1-2010)
Centura Health to open medical campus in The Meadows (6-1-2010)
Two new road projects provide increased east-west access to Parker (6-1-2010)
Happy Canyon Road roundabouts project update (6-1-2010)
Slash and mulch helps minimize fire hazards (6-1-2010)
SMFR benefit dinner (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines North City Council appoints Ward 1 Representative Tera Radloff
Open Letter to the Residents of Castle Pines North (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines first quarter 2010 real estate summary (6-1-2010)
A message about fireworks safety from Sheriff David Weaver (6-1-2010)
Helping Hands (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines Connunity Church Ribbon Cutting (6-1-2010)
Food bank gets a new home (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines Chamber membership directory (6-1-2010)
Strong community leaders make for a strong community (6-1-2010)
Internationally acclaimed pianist to play the Castle (6-1-2010)
Chamber to host Independence Day Celebration (6-1-2010)
Local optometrist elected to Board of Trustees (6-1-2010)
Social media and the business community (6-1-2010)
Promoting health helps support local libraries (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines rotarians sponsor first ever health fair in China (6-1-2010)
Summer library events in CPN (6-1-2010)
Independence Day celebrations and firework displays (6-1-2010)
Kids Safety and Wellness Expo June 12 (6-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge kids camp at Castle Pines (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics to host summer camps (6-1-2010)
Register for summer art camp at BRE (6-1-2010)
“We the People...” Part 2 – Interpreting the U.S. Constitution (6-1-2010)
Grilling – It’s for more than just meat (6-1-2010)
Daniel’s Gate girl to compete as National American Miss finalist (6-1-2010)
Father’s Day lets men tie one on (6-1-2010)
Cat owners train feline friends with kitten kindergarten (6-1-2010)
A passion for pets leads to newest pet care facility in Castle Rock (6-1-2010)
Denver Dumb Friends League raises $1 million (6-1-2010)
Summer School Scoop (6-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge fifth graders move on to middle school (6-1-2010)
Sixth grade orientation assembly (6-1-2010)
Watch out for watch dog dads (6-1-2010)
DCS Montessori starts sock hop tradition (6-1-2010)
RCHS Prom (6-1-2010)
Literacy month brings in funds and promotes learning at Buffalo Ridge
Buffalo Ridge Safety Patrol recognized for exceptional service (6-1-2010)
New school district superintendent named (6-1-2010)
School district to charge students to ride the bus (6-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge artists featured at Douglas County School District art show
BRE newspaper staff tours 5280 Magazine (6-1-2010)
Outstanding eighth grader named at Rocky Heights (6-1-2010)
American Academy new head of school (6-1-2010)
Timber Trail holds “Invention Convention” (6-1-2010)
Willy Wonka Jr. – A world of imagination (6-1-2010)
National Geographic Bee It’s no spelling bee (6-1-2010)
Jennifer Wayne’s fifth grade class poetry reading (6-1-2010)
Get your tennis game on in Castle Pines (6-1-2010)
Horseback rides at Wildcat Mountain trail (6-1-2010)
Local Five Stones Sports dedicated to community involvement (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics wraps up soccer season (6-1-2010)
RCHS Jaguars place first at Continental League Championship (6-1-2010)
RCHS lacrosse team celebrates with mullets (6-1-2010)
I feel the need...the need for speed (6-1-2010)
Swimmers in Castle Pines hit the water for the summer season (6-1-2010)
Castle Pines North women try out a new fitness craze (6-1-2010)


City Approves Urban Renewal Plan (5-31-2010)
Memorial Day (5-27-2010)
Free Admission to The Wildlife Experience for Active Military and Their Families (5-27-2010)
DUI Enforcement During the Memorial Holiday Weekend (5-26-2010)
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Victim Assistance Volunteers (5-26-2010)
More Volunteers Added to the Successful Douglas County Law Enforcement Program (5-22-2010)
National Association for Search and Rescue’s Valor Award (5-10-2010)
City seeks Urban Renewal Authority for Castle Pines North (5-1-2010)
Town of Castle Rock selects Castlegate Drive for North Meadows Extension Project (5-1-2010)
County responds to train whistle petition with railroad quiet zone study
Average Joe update... (5-1-2010)
Classy Nails opens its doors in CPN (5-1-2010)
Commissioner Boand appointed to Emergency Planning Commission (5-1-2010)
KeyBank preps for grand opening (5-1-2010)
City’s new council committees (5-1-2010)
CPN Ward 1 council member Havercroft steps down (5-1-2010)
City Seeks Cooperation, Minimized Costs (5-1-2010)
City Coyote Management Plan (5-1-2010)
Public Works Shifts Gears (5-1-2010)
City of CPN Solid Financials (5-1-2010)
CPN City Council Appoints Shul to Ward 1 (5-1-2010)
Elk Ridge Park awarded $700K grant from the Colorado Lottery (5-1-2010)
Keep an eye out for Neighborhood Watch (5-1-2010)
Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable seeks public input (5-1-2010)
Call before they fall to prevent injury (5-1-2010)
Scholarships available for teen crash avoidance class (5-1-2010)
An Urgent Message from the CPN Metro District Board of Directors (5-1-2010)
CPN Metro District Board Elections (5-1-2010)
Replace old sprinkler heads to save water, money (5-1-2010)
Renee Palmer earns Real Estate Short Sale Designation (5-1-2010)
Local printer honored for sales growth (5-1-2010)
Business book club open for business in Castle Pines (5-1-2010)
Chamber Briefs (5-1-2010)
Castle Pines Chamber hosts local author and visibility coach (5-1-2010)
New business helps shoppers find tailor-made coupons (5-1-2010)
Castle Pines Community Church has a new home (5-1-2010)
Local business gives back to BRE (5-1-2010)
Wines of the Pines (5-1-2010)
Brownie Troop 646 Career Day (5-1-2010)
Easter Egg Hunt (5-1-2010)
A letter from the North Lynx HOA president (5-1-2010)
CPN HOA#1 Update (5-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics Summer Camp (5-1-2010)
Rock Canyon Elementary Instrumental Musical Program (5-1-2010)
Baskin Robbins and BRE host ice scream scooping event (5-1-2010)
South Suburban Celebrates Senior & Women’s Wellness (5-1-2010)
Free Mulch (5-1-2010)
FREE Prescription Drug Discount Card Saves up to 50% (5-1-2010)
BellaRock Adventures plans many summer outdoor events for women (5-1-2010)
Memorial Day events in and around the Castle Pines community (5-1-2010)
“We the People...” Part 1 – Understanding the US Constitution (5-1-2010)
Brunches, Lunches and Showers (5-1-2010)
Mother’s Day in need of a makeover (5-1-2010)
Mother’s Day specials in the Castle Pines community (5-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge students drill manners before spring break (5-1-2010)
RCHS actors leave school with a laugh (5-1-2010)
School Scoop (5-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Technology – 21st Century learning (5-1-2010)
Timber Trail bash raises serious cash (5-1-2010)
From kindergartners at BRE to seniors at RCHS (5-1-2010)
Peace is jammin’ at Rocky Heights Middle School (5-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge Elementary Performs (5-1-2010)
American Academy gets grant for its library (5-1-2010)
Honoring Pi with Pie (5-1-2010)
DCS Montessori sixth graders publish school yearbook (5-1-2010)
Rocky Heights making rocket science at Science Olympiad (5-1-2010)
American Academy offers teen leadership program (5-1-2010)
Remarkable athlete helps raise money for high school scholarships (5-1-2010)
Troon Family Golf Program at The Ridge (5-1-2010)
Castle Pines North swimmer heads to Sectionals (5-1-2010)
Registery is underway for the upcoming Fall Frenzy Kid’s Triathlon (5-1-2010)
5th Annual Tee it up Golf Tournament for the MacKenzie Grace Foundation
Sign on the line (5-1-2010)
Garage Sales: A Rite of Spring (5-1-2010)


City approves Castle Pines Urban Renewal Authority (4-29-2010)
Douglas County Search & Rescue MRA Re-Accreditation (4-26-2010)
DCSD to discuss introducing fees, GPS tracking to transportation (4-26-2010)
AT&T Expands Mobile Broadband Coverage in Sedalia (4-26-2010)
Castle Pines North Easter Egg Hunt Draws Largest Crowd Ever (4-22-2010)
Colorado’s Outstanding Veteran Volunteer (4-22-2010)
Zoonotic Diseases:  The Shared Threat (4-22-2010)
Parks in Castle Pines North (4-21-2010)
Roundabouts Proposed for Happy Canyon (4-20-2010)
May You Rest in Peace (4-19-2010)
The Governor's Energy Office announced NEW consumer rebates (4-1-2010)
Not your average Joe (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines Academy open for business (4-1-2010)
Happy Canyon roundabout project underway (4-1-2010)
New chapter begins for Village Homes (4-1-2010)
North Meadows Extension open house (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines Village petition gains momentum (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines Economic Development Council elects new president (4-1-2010)
Rules and regulations regarding pellet and Air Soft guns on Douglas County public property (4-1-2010)
Dog rescue in icy pond in Castle Pines Village (4-1-2010)
Post Office CORRECTION (4-1-2010)
South Metro Fire Rescue urges drivers to make the right move (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Ward 1 council member steps down (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines North swears in new city clerk (4-1-2010)
Message from the Mayor (4-1-2010)
Public Works Update (4-1-2010)
City Coyote Management Plan (4-1-2010)
Metro District to partner with Centennial for Interconnect Pipeline Project
Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (4-1-2010)
CPN Metro District bids farewell to manager (4-1-2010)
CPN Metro District names new officers (4-1-2010)
Upcoming Special District Elections (4-1-2010)
Rotary Club shifts gears and heads to Castle Pines (4-1-2010)
Local chiropractor works with Renegades (4-1-2010)
New physical therapy office opens in the Castle Pines community (4-1-2010)
Local hospitals host 9Health Fair - April 24 at Sky Ridge Medical Center
Real estate powerhouse celebrates new office (4-1-2010)
Mywedding.com joins couples and vendors (4-1-2010)
Trust me, a Tax Day birthday is no holiday (4-1-2010)
Solid Life Christian Center getting the job done (4-1-2010)
DAZBOG Winter Carnival (4-1-2010)
Piper’s Pantry - Striving for a hunger-free Colorado (4-1-2010)
Bald is beautiful and so is Bella (4-1-2010)
Remembering Alexis - Finding perspective in love and loss (4-1-2010)
Castle Pines North family opens home to assist the elderly (4-1-2010)
Wisdom within these walls harvested (4-1-2010)
CPN resident works with Boys and Girls Club (4-1-2010)
The Sky’s the Limit opens this summer - A special needs summer day camp
Summer Fun, Fitness and Learning Galore (4-1-2010)
CPN Master Association gains new board member (4-1-2010)
Douglas County Divas provide a networking bounty (4-1-2010)
American Girl® Place – girls and moms celebrate new store (4-1-2010)
Protect your pets from heartworm (4-1-2010)
Furry Scurry is May 1 (4-1-2010)
Dumb Friends League turns 700 years old (4-1-2010)
HawkQuest show returns to Castle Pines Village (4-1-2010)
Confirmed case of rabies in Douglas County (4-1-2010)
Great food, service and fabulous views at The Ridge (4-1-2010)
The secret to high altitude baking (4-1-2010)
Transforming lives - The work of Warren Village (4-1-2010)
School Scoop (4-1-2010)
CPN schools score above state averages on CSAP (4-1-2010)
BRE sends team to Destination Imagination tournament (4-1-2010)
Child Find, a good find (4-1-2010)
RCHS students strut on the runway (4-1-2010)
Everyday Science at American Academy - Anything but Ordinary (4-1-2010)
DCS Montessori Science Fair (4-1-2010)
Rocky Heights shows great character (4-1-2010)
Rock Canyon Band Feeder Festival Concert (4-1-2010)
Big enrollment hikes not planned for American Academy (4-1-2010)
RCHS grants wishes in a very big way (4-1-2010)
Boot Scootin’ Boogie at Buffalo Ridge (4-1-2010)
Buffalo Stampede seeks sponsors (4-1-2010)
Local athletes volunteer at Empty Bowl (4-1-2010)
Local resident captures athletes at their best (4-1-2010)
Rock swimmers qualify for Silver State and State meets (4-1-2010)
Dodgeball Anyone? (4-1-2010)
The 22nd Annual Denver Runnin’ of the Green (4-1-2010)
5th Annual Tri The Rock (4-1-2010)
DCS Montessori dance team a huge hit (4-1-2010)
28th Annual Cherry Creek Sneak (4-1-2010)
Pack Burro racing - Colorado’s official sport? (4-1-2010)
Options abound for local cyclists (4-1-2010)
Elephant Rock Cycling Festival (4-1-2010)
Castle Crocs register for fifth season of swimming (4-1-2010)
Purple, black and silver will deliver (4-1-2010)


Click It or Ticket (3-31-2010)
Rabies Confirmed in Douglas County (3-19-2010)
City, CPN Metro District meet to discuss integration options (3-17-2010)
Caucus Info (3-11-2010)
DC Sheriff’s Office Increasing DUI Enforcement for Upcoming Holiday
“Youth Education & Safety in Schools” (Y.E.S.S.) (3-4-2010)
District assures residents it is not being taken over by the city (3-1-2010)
Stolen Vehicle Crashes in Front of Middle School (2-26-2010)
Castle Pines North Councilperson Darwin Horan steps down (2-25-2010)
Douglas County School District budget issues rally neighborhood participation (3-1-2010)
Failed negotiations for North Meadows extension (3-1-2010)
Xcel gets green light on line upgrade (3-1-2010)
New post office in Castle Pines North (3-1-2010)
Don’t let Comcast channels go dark on you (3-1-2010)
Castle Pines North relocates city offices (3-1-2010)
County clerk seeks public input on services and funding (3-1-2010)
Insulate Colorado funds available through March (3-1-2010)
Checkoff Colorado – Check it out and grant a wish! (3-1-2010)
Information on business personal property taxes.... (3-1-2010)
Council considers adoption of coyote management plan (3-1-2010)
First municipal court session held February 24 (3-1-2010)
Council votes to dissolve CPN Metro District (3-1-2010)
Traffic Issues for American Academy (3-1-2010)
Booster seat safety – it’s the state law (3-1-2010)
Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (3-1-2010)
OLLI offers unique opportunities for personal growth (3-1-2010)
Castle Pines North engineer receives special leadership award (3-1-2010)
Edward Jones hosts “Planning Your Estate” seminar (3-1-2010)
Safety first for international travelers (3-1-2010)
The few, the proud, the Marines; right here at home (3-1-2010)
Castle Pines Eagle Scouts soaring to the top (3-1-2010)
Resident helps graduates find the perfect collegiate fit (3-1-2010)
CPN resident is Apple Award nominee (3-1-2010)
Castle Pines parents celebrate their daughter’s winter wedding (3-1-2010)
Physical therapy couples with medical marijuana (3-1-2010)
Going through a divorce? This doctor can help (3-1-2010)
A neighbor helps to build a better life for others (3-1-2010)
Big O Tires gathering care package items for troops (3-1-2010)
Identity Theft Prevention (3-1-2010)
Easter Services (3-1-2010)
Village Homes Association annual meeting (3-1-2010)
A community at its best – Surrey Ridge (3-1-2010)
CPN HOA#1 Update (3-1-2010)
Forest Park HOA Community Food Drive (3-1-2010)
Centuries of celebration (3-1-2010)
St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage has an American connection
Green, but not exactly a leprechaun (3-1-2010)
Colorado’s own dog whisperer (3-1-2010)
Girl Scouts gather funds for the American Red Cross (3-1-2010)
Second grader has a heart for Haiti (3-1-2010)
God’s Grace helping hands for Haiti (3-1-2010)
United States troops serving overseas received letters and cards from Buffalo Ridge students (3-1-2010)
Timber Trail no longer on track schedule (3-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge holds spring book fair (3-1-2010)
School Scoop (3-1-2010)
BRE Spelling Challenge and Dictionary Day kick off literacy month (3-1-2010)
Rocky Heights celebrates its first Apple Award finalist (3-1-2010)
Let’s “Power Up” and stop bullying (3-1-2010)
Watch out 9News…The Nighthawk News is ON! (3-1-2010)
The “Apple” of Buffalo Ridge Elementary School’s eye (3-1-2010)
What’s all the hoopla about? (3-1-2010)
DCS Montessori building healthier hearts (3-1-2010)
Sports positively influence female athletes (3-1-2010)


Next Phase of 2010 Census Underway in Douglas County (2-25-2010)
Douglas/Elbert Task Force Finds a New Home (2-25-2010)
OLLI South enrolling for spring classes (2-19-2010)
Castle Pines is Coyote Country (2-7-2010)
Sheriff Appointed to the Douglas County Educational Foundation Board of Trustees (2-4-2010)
DUI Enforcement during Super Bowl Party Weekend (2-1-2010)
Castle Pines Metro District proposes roundabouts on Happy Canyon Road
City renews public safety IGA with Douglas County (2-1-2010)
Council deems Lagae South eligible for annexation (2-1-2010)
Castle Pines Community Church moving to new location in Castle Pines North
The changing of the guard... (2-1-2010)
Douglas County property taxes due; Six ways to pay (2-1-2010)
Safety Task Force Update (2-1-2010)
City seeks voluntary integration with Metro District (2-1-2010)
City snow and ice maintenance program (2-1-2010)
The City of Castle Pines North elected officials (2-1-2010)
Medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Castle Pines North? (2-1-2010)
Parks Authority welcomes new city representative (2-1-2010)
Warm temperatures mean thin ice (2-1-2010)
Sheriff Weaver to represent Sheriffs of Colorado (2-1-2010)
Caring for loved ones in an emergency (2-1-2010)
News from The Castle Pines North Metro Distict (2-1-2010)
Food drive a big success (2-1-2010)
God's Grace serving the community (2-1-2010)
Senior real estate specialist (2-1-2010)
Cook Financial finds new home! (2-1-2010)
Pilates in the Pines moves to the Village at Castle Pines (2-1-2010)
Has the real estate market stabilized? (2-1-2010)
Let them eat cake (2-1-2010)
Area volunteer helps kids find the right rhythm (2-1-2010)
Valentine’s Day isn’t always hearts and roses (2-1-2010)
Mother - daughter boutique gets funky (2-1-2010)
Volunteers recognized for contributions to local library (2-1-2010)
Less is more for the biggest loser; a work in progress (2-1-2010)
Journey to Eagle Scout (2-1-2010)
Local resident “blankets” soldiers with gratitude (2-1-2010)
Daisies troop size makes for a big bunch (2-1-2010)
The Castle Cappellas are holding auditions! (2-1-2010)
Blogging Resource for Parents – NEW! (2-1-2010)
“Crayons 4 Education” (2-1-2010)
Douglas County Garden Club (2-1-2010)
Timber Trail to Host Fundraiser at Cielo (2-1-2010)
Coyotes an increasing problem in Castle Pines North (2-1-2010)
News from Forest Park (2-1-2010)
The gift of Saint Valentine (2-1-2010)
Home is where the heart is (2-1-2010)
A sanctuary close to home (2-1-2010)
Great beginning for Wellspring fundraiser (2-1-2010)
Castle Pines Library: Book clubs and more (2-1-2010)
Beet Cake A healthier dessert for Valentine’s Day (2-1-2010)
February is national pet dental health month (2-1-2010)
Spring break fun; Lots to see and do close to home (2-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge spellers bring it on (2-1-2010)
The Rock Canyon Elementary Instrumental Music Program (2-1-2010)
School Scoop (2-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge ‘Dream Team’ supports Children’s Hospital (2-1-2010)
American Academy students do good works for the Guard (2-1-2010)
Polar Express magic ... Believing is everything (2-1-2010)
Rocky Heights Robotics make some smart moves (2-1-2010)
The Community University (2-1-2010)
CPN swimming “Storms” ahead (2-1-2010)
Anyone for table tennis? (2-1-2010)
Castle Pines Athletics announces spring and summer schedules (2-1-2010)
Interested in learning to play lacrosse? (2-1-2010)


Council to decide whether to keep pursuing rail relocation for N. Meadows project (1-30-2010)
TTE Calendar Change for 2010 - 2011 (1-30-2010)
Important Douglas County School District Survey Ends Tomorrow (1-26-2010)
DCSO Partners with CrimeReports to Launch New iPhone Crime Map
New Substation in Highlands Ranch (1-12-2010)
Colorado Christian University looking to build in the Castle Pines vicinity
Court allows continued big game hunting in Castle Pines (1-1-2010)
Childcare center slated to open in February (1-1-2010)
Holiday Joy (1-1-2010)
Get the 4-1-1 on calling 9-1-1 (1-1-2010)
City completes Community Wildfire Protection Plan (1-1-2010)
Oh, give me a home... New park in CPN earns its name (1-1-2010)
Village residents steamed; train whistle petition circulating (1-1-2010)
2010 primary mail ballot–only proposal (1-1-2010)
Centennial Airport community noise roundtable invites public input (1-1-2010)
Castle Pines Metropolitan District completes Water Conservation Plan
District continues to pay down debt (1-1-2010)
Home Water-Saving Kit (1-1-2010)
Enchanted Gifts Ribbon Cutting (1-1-2010)
Castle Pines Chamber News (1-1-2010)
God’s Grace gives back (1-1-2010)
Local builder quickly rebuilds a home lost to fire (1-1-2010)
Castle Pines Jewelers answers opportunity knocking again (1-1-2010)
Solid Life Christian Center appreciates its pastors (1-1-2010)
The Castle Pines Connection celebrates! (1-1-2010)
Brownie Troop visits elderly - A good will lesson (1-1-2010)
Treads for Threads-Big O Tires (1-1-2010)
Spring Sports … just around the corner (1-1-2010)
Castle Pines Business Book Club (1-1-2010)
Call for teen volunteer opportunities (1-1-2010)
Coyote education from Division of Wildlife (1-1-2010)
Looking for a few good men... (1-1-2010)
Rock Canyon’s Elementary Instrumental Music Program holds winter concert
HOA 1 seeks to separate from the CPN Master Association (1-1-2010)
Pine Ridge HOA Receives National Firewise Recognition (1-1-2010)
New faces of the Castle Pines North Master Association (1-1-2010)
Local high school theater clean-up a hit (1-1-2010)
Local scouts donate items and tour the Douglas/Elbert County Task Force
Pet bakery a treat for dogs (1-1-2010)
Eagle Scout builds gazebo for Historic Lowell Ranch (1-1-2010)
Anti-resolutions will be hard to break (1-1-2010)
Ring in the new year with herb-crusted beef rib roast (1-1-2010)
Canyon Elementary Instrumental Music program (1-1-2010)
School Scoop (1-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge helps bring holiday joy to many (1-1-2010)
“Operation Bright Star” brightens Thanksgiving for those in need (1-1-2010)
DCS Montessori book fair smashes goal (1-1-2010)
Fifth graders at BRE gather at Young AmeriTowne (1-1-2010)
American Academy hits broadway! (1-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge reads more than 7,500 hours (1-1-2010)
Denver celebrity speaks at American Academy (1-1-2010)
Timber Trail art teacher finds inspiration across the globe (1-1-2010)
Penny wars at Rocky Heights Middle School (1-1-2010)
Rock Slide cancelled (1-1-2010)
Buffalo Ridge publishes online school magazine (1-1-2010)
New local sports program emphasizes integrity and character (1-1-2010)
Ball field and park reservations in Castle Pines North (1-1-2010)
Rock Canyon POMS team takes state! (1-1-2010)
RCHS girls swim team seeks to retain title (1-1-2010)
Rocky Heights Middle School basketball rotates to success (1-1-2010)
All I wanted for Christmas... (1-1-2010)
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